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Monday, 16 May 2016

Kind words are encouraging

Just thought I'd share some kind words I received in the email today from someone I will refer to as S:

The email reproduced below with S's permission:

"Thank you so much for putting things into perspective for me and taking off some of the pressure that I have felt .  I feel much better and at ease after knowing all the things that have been going on in my chart and I feel more confident facing the challenges I have ahead . 

I have been going through a very difficult phase in my life for sometime now  .. I live on the other side of the globe.  found you through twitter and started reading your blogs.

I can just imagine how much work goes  into your excellent articles and successful predictions . I could not stop myself from contacting you. You came in as a much needed help and a guide.

I had a few questions which were really bothering me. Not only did you answer them, You were very honest in not sugar coating anything . 

I am glad  I came across you and  I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a good and honest astrologer .

 I am very grateful for your clear and thoughtful explanation.
Thank You So Much!!"

The reason I put the email here is not for self praise, (well...maybe a little bit haha), but to highlight someone (S) who I consider a phenomenal individual, from whom there is much for us to learn.

Generally,  a person goes to an astrologer (or jyotisha, as I prefer) when all other avenues have failed and the person is the mindset, "what have I to lose?!". But it is in desperation that one makes the most mistakes. 

The person goes with the last bit of optimism, with the hope that maybe my time will turn and I will get good news from the astrologer. E.g. daughter/ son is not getting married, maybe her/ his time is just around the corner. Or maybe the astrologer will suggest an 'ram-baan upaya' (infallible remedy) that will solve some issue of mine.

The mind of the questioner is already primed for positives. So when an astrologer plays to this theme, the native is not going to question it! Whether the astrologer does it due to lack of scruples (generate a client) or out of good intentions (why to hurt someone, leave them with hope), I do not want to judge. But ideally, whatever may be the reason this is wrong. 

For example, if you go to a doctor, would you prefer him to tell you the truth or always say that nothing is wrong with you? Would he not be unethical if he detects, say Cancer, but leaves you with the thought that nothing is wrong with you. If you do not accept this behaviour from the doctor, why do you from a jyotisha? 

On one hand, astrologers insist on calling astrology a science, but on the other hand keep giving such predictions that are impossible to prove incorrect. The basic touchstone of science is that every theory has a failing point. The only way astrologers can achieve this infallible predictions is through using more caveat-ed language than a lawyer! But is such a prediction useful? 

S is such a remarkable person, who came to me with a unique problem. I still remember I saw her question with half closed eyes at about 2AM. The uniqueness of her issue forced me to wake up in the middle of the night and solve it. 

The key part is, there was a limited wriggle room on her main issue. To the extent remedies existed I suggested to her. I highlighted her weaknesses and the likely mistakes her chart suggests that may happen. She has promised that she will dutifully complete the remedies suggested that will ease the problem to a certain extent. But the problem will remain.  

The reason S is remarkable, is that she accepted what I was saying and was forthright about her problem. She demonstrated, "acceptance" of her problem. I consider "acceptance" as a spiritual virtue. She demonstrated spirituality without even knowing it. 

One acceptance is there there then there is an immediate ceasing of friction and conflict. You become in tune with the rhythm of nature. Once you stop fighting 'what is', can you decide how you want to lead the rest of your life. I have no doubt that S is poised for great things on the spiritual plane if she tries. This is not jyotisha, it is common sense. I have learned a lot from S, who has since, if I may use the term, become a friend rather than a client.

I have only met one another person who came to me with a marriage query. I told him, not destined for you. His reply? "Thank you, that is such a relief, now I can lead my life without stress". I did not expect this reply! But the person was on the older side, I can imagine the pressure from his family, or even the conflict in his mind, "why am I not getting married? Is there anything wrong with me? etc". Once his chart confirmed that marriage chances were incredibly dim, he knew in a flash that destiny has chosen a separate path for him. He accepted, and was free! 

Almost every person who gets a negative answer from me, has never consulted me again. They would rather go for someone who comforts then, do expensive Pooja and Homams. What is slated will come to pass in varying degrees. For example, if the Dasha lord signifies 3, 5, 1, 6, 10; whatever pooja and shaanti you do, how can you inject 2/7/11 in this signification that has already been decided at birth?! In fact, by suggesting useless remedies and causing pain and expense to the native the astrologers not only discredit the "science" of astrology but also cause the native to lose faith in God!

Maybe I will do a post on karma and remedies to express what Guruji K.S. Krishnamurti thought about remedies.

It is for this reason that S comes as a breath of fresh air to someone like me who studies jyotisha and does not 'practice astrology'. I pray that may Bhairavi ever be with her and keep her as strong and joyous as she is.

In passing I dedicate this song, to people like S.

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