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Friday, 13 May 2016

Marriage, simply impossible!

I got this chart from a friend to whom the native girl is related. Born in 1985, the native is already at an age which is considered 'late' for marriage. Naturally, parents are worried and are asking various jyotishas when would the auspicious day arrive.

The birth time in the chart was given as 8.45AM. I took up examination of the chart at 11:10PM today,  when the ruling planets were: (Su), Ju, Me, Mo, Ve.

The 7th CSL in the natal chart as per the given time was Saturn. Saturn does not appear in the ruling planets and as such the time is off by a little bit. 

The 7th cusp lies in Aries at 9 degrees 53 minutes and 12 seconds. The immediate next sublord is Mercury and the immediate before one is Jupiter. Both of the above appear in the RPs, however since Jupiter appears higher up in the priority chain, I select that and tweak the chart time to 8:42AM to take the 7th CSL to  9 degrees 11 minutes and 32 seconds to make Jupiter the 7th CSL.

The rectified birth chart is as follows:

Let us now look at significators of the 7th CSL Jupiter. Jupiter is posited in 4th, owns 3rd and 6th. Jupiter's starlord is Moon. Moon is posited in 4th and owns 10th. So the 7th CSL signifies:

4, 3 6; 4, 10

Jupiter has 3 aspects (5th, 7th and 9th). By these aspects, Jupiter is signifying 8th, 10th and 12th cusp. Again even at the weakest level, no marriage positive houses are signified.

So none of the marriage positive houses of 2/7/11 are signified by the 7th CSL. This means marriage is not possible.

Disappointed, I decided to check if Jupiter signifies any of 2/7/11 through 'special karakatva'. Shri Shahasane says when a planet becomes the sole significator of a house then those other planets that have this planet as their sublord also become significators of that house, and of a stronger order than this original planet.

When would such a case arise? Only when a house is empty, and the house lord is untenanted. 

Of the three houses for marriage, only the 2nd house is empty. It falls in Scorpio. Its house lord Mars has no planets in its stars. So Mars is untenanted. Mars is the sublord of Saturn and Rahu. So Saturn and Rahu will signify the 2nd house in addition to their usual signification. But alas, neither Saturn nor Rahu is the 7th CSL, Jupiter is. Therefore Jupiter does not become a marriage positive house even by using special significations.

As such, I am constrained to say that marriage will not take place for the native. Her destiny lies elsewhere. In fact, I feel that by forcing marriage on such a person, or even pressurizing her needlessly it will only cause her more sadness. I hazard to say even if the marriage had taken place for such a native, it would have been a very tumultuous one.

Now reader may come up with a question, what if my birth time rectification is wrong? Saturn was the 7th CSL in the original chart, and as we saw it does signify the 2nd house, but because I changed the 7th CSL to Jupiter, the marriage is being denied. This is a fair question. To this I can only state, that reality is the biggest attestor. 

Lets say the girl started looking out from the age of 24 for a suitable groom. That time Rahu Dasha was on. Rahu is posited in the 7th house, and through its signlord Mars signifies 2 7 11 (full marriage combination). Rahu is in the sub of Mars which as just discussed signifies the relevant houses. Since then the native has been through the Bhuktis of Saturn, Mercury, Ketu and presently in Venus. Of which Mercury, Ketu and the ongoing Venus Bhukti also signify marriage. So why has this event eluded the native?

I want to point out something interesting, again related to the Nadi V. KP posts. Look at the nadi significators below:

As per Nadi, Ke, Su, Ra, Ju, Me all signify marriage. This is because Nadi assumes the sub can also offer events, but KP says sub can only divert/ modify the event already being offered by the planet and star. So for example, Nadi will say Jupiter promises marriage. KP will say, Jupiter promises gain of car, house, or increase in reputation through business or service, and some communication related positives.


  1. Hi Arthur,

    Where can I get the book "Phaladesh Khand"?
    Please let me know ?

  2. It is in marathi, though I think a hindi version is available. I have a old copy (when Phaladesh Khanda was known as part 3) which was gifted by an old relative who was interested in astrology at some point. But you can contact the publisher Shri Ganesh Prakashan, 89/100, Pardiwala Chaal, Sitaram Jadhav marg, lower parel, mumbai. Or you can check with a person called Nemichand Sonar, you will have to google his details.