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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

A challenge...accepted!

Recently, a dear friend who has also consulted with me on several occasions happened to mention some of my predictions to a relative. This relative is a staunch follower of the traditional Parashari system of astrology and was unconvinced about stellar systems. That is fine, to each his own.

But, from nowhere he decided to issue me a challenge for predicting the marriage date for a female relative. I have nothing to prove to this gentleman. Who is he? In any case I study jyotisha, I do not 'practice astrology'. I have no energy to waste on such people. If anyone does not believe in my system or even astrology itself, I have no problem. I am ready to admit that I am a fool and astrology is a lie if it can get me out of debating with such dimwits.

Anyway, this put my friend in an awkward position being caught up between me and a hard place. So I decided to accept  the challenge. What made it worse was the fact that it was not a honest challenge either. An honest challenge would be that we take a chart, predict an event, and see whose event comes to pass. This person gave me a horoscope of a relative, whose marriage was on the verge of getting fixed (that he didnt tell me) and asked me to predict when the marriage would happen.

The chart and significators were as follows:

I put the Nadi significators here as they give a very quick idea about an event. Regular readers will be able to see that this is a very weak horoscope for marriage. In fact the full combination of marriage denial is there in the ongoing Jupiter Dasha (1 6 10). 

The next dasha also there is 1 6 8 12 combination. This combination makes one believe it would have been better one had not married. Saturn is the Dasha. Saturn is a separative planet. 1 6 8 12 is separation from spouse and accompanied by a lot of insults and expenditure.

Another thing readers would have (or should have) noticed is that Saturn aspects 2, 7 and 11, all three cusps denoting marriage. With such a malefic combination, this native's marriage will be pure hell.

I would have normally dismissed this chart in about 5 minutes after seeing this. The native is born in 1984. If marriage does not happen in Jupiter, the native will be 43. And if marriage is pushed beyond Saturn the native will be 62. Unless the native plans to get married at retirement age, I do not think this native will get marriage at all. If at all, it is simply impossible for the marriage to last. As per Nadi system.

But since this was a challenge, and it was a question of saving face of a friend, I decided to give it the Krishnamurti once over. Also there was the social question of breaking such a negative news. If I was asked to my face, I would not sugar coat it, but here it was a relative of the challenger who was the conduit.

As per K.P., the Dasha lord Jupiter is allowing marriage by virtue of its signifying the solitary 11 at star level. 

The I looked at the ongoing Bhukti of Mercury. This will go on till March 2018. While Mercury signifies the 2nd house, I wanted it to be a strong significator of the 7th, since the Dasha is a weak significator of an affiliate house and also signifies negative houses. In any case Mercury is in the sub of Venus and Venus does not signify any of 2/7/11 houses. It in fact signifies the Asc which is negative for marriage.

So marriage is not possible till March 2018. Perhaps in Bhukti is Mars which is the strong significator of the 7th house. So maybe in the period 5th Dec 2023 to 10 Nov 2024 the marriage of the native is possible. I did not do transits because I am sure the closest most Prashari guys get to an event is "sometime in the lifetime", by pointing out some logic-less yogas like a Rajayoga or a Gaja Kesari Yoga. I do not demean Parashari style nor Sage Parashar, I am not even 0.0001% of him, I only demean those people who by calling themselves Parashari jyotisha's demean the memory of Sage Parashar. Anyway, so a year's interval for marriage that will most likely will not happen was given by me.

Of course, when the answer was conveyed to the gentleman, I was referred to as a fraud and my system as inexact and impractical etc. Of course, because the person knew something that I did not, that the marriage was probably one phone call away from being fixed and the native was already sort of 'going steady' with the arranged match.

I was extremely irritated for about an hour. After that I told my friend, look I have basically predicted this match will not happen. I hope I am wrong.

I had forgotten this story completely, till I received a message from my friend, saying that the match has inexplicably fallen through. The marriage is not going to happen.

I do not want to gloat over someones misfortune, and I will not...I cannot! But I will be lying if it did not give me immense confidence on the accuracy of stellar systems. It is important because if something that was so clear to me had not come to pass, I would have questioned every prediction that I have made so far.

So whilst my sympathies and prayers are with the native, I am content in the knowledge that nothing happens without the consent of the celestial bodies and no amount of hating can call the accuracy of stellar systems into question. Destiny has a different plan for the native and I pray to Bhairavi to reveal it to that person soon!

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