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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Lost girl - will she be found?

I received the following message from a friend: a 12-13 year old  girl is lost, her father has given the seed number 29 with the question "when will my daughter be found?". I can imagine how scary and painful it will be for a father, especially in this day and age, to lose a daughter like this and I immediately cast the following chart:

In cases of such lost persons, the first thing to check is that the 11th CSL should not be in the star of a retrograde planet and should signify the house related to the person being lost. Let us look at the 11th CSL here and its significations:

Moon 5, 3 4; Su 5 

As can be seen the 11th CSL in the prashna chart prepared for a number given by the father is strongly signifying the 5th house (5th house stands for child). As such there is 100% certainty that the child will be found.

Next I looked at the rotated chart (rotated to make the 5th cusp the Ascendant) to garner more information:

The DBA is of Sun-Me-Me. Lets look at the Nadi significators:

Mercury strongly signifies the 9th and 12th cusp that suggests to me that the girl is far away from her native place. Given that there are Rahu and Ketu do not feature in the DBA I do not think she has been kidnapped. Asc CSL Rahu (in rotated chart) is in Chara Rashi of Cancer, suggesting that the girl is on the move. None of the DBA planets are malefic, so she is not in discomfort. So in some ways is it possible that she has run off on her own?

The Ruling Planets at the time of judgement were Venus, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, Mercury. Mercury, Venus and Sun are fast moving planets and as such there are good chances of the girl being located in 7-10 days. 

D lord Sun is strongly signifying the 3rd house while Bhukti and Antara lord are signifying 2 11. So I believe that a message will be received about the girl before she actually comes home. In any case the prashna asked was "when will my daughter be FOUND?" not "when will she COME HOME?". So I am not too bothered about the presence of 3 and absence of 4. 

Now 'when' she will be located is the question. For that we will use the transit principle outlined in the last blog about the Quiz. Look at the un-rotated chart again:

House of desire fulfillment is 11th. 11th house is empty. 11th is owned by Saturn. Saturn is untenanted (i.e. no planets in any star owned by Saturn). However, Sun, Rahu and Ketu are in Saturn's sub, so Sun, Rahu and Saturn will become the strongest significators of the 11th house. Since the event is expected to occur in 7-10 days, we will look at the transit of the Moon. between 20 and 27th Sept, Moon will pass through the signs of Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and the first 2-3 degrees of Sagittarius. Star owned by Rahu appears in Libra and Moon will pass through this star on 23rd September 2017, between 1:17AM to September 24th 2:17AM. This would be the period when the girl would be found.

Sure enough, I got a message at 2PM on September 23, 2017 (90 mins back) from the same friend who had relayed the father's question to me that the girl has been found by the police (govt agent - Sun dasha lord signifies govt) in a city about 150-160 kms away from her home town. As predicted, a message from the police was received before the girl returned and as I type the family is en route to that other city to meet the girl in the police station.'

My pranaams to Ma Bhairavi to have returned the girl to her family.

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