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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

How fate changes! #EventStudy

Its been sometime since I have posted, what I would call, an "educational piece". So here goes. The chart below is of a native who moved abroad (from India) and did really well in material life till the dasha changed. The Dasha lord gives us an indepth look of why things changed the way they did and serves as an underline as to why jyotisha should be used to map out ones life so that one can optimise the good times and prepare for the bad. I will be doing this analysis using core Krishnamurti Paddhati and the role of the sub lord in it.

The native began his career in the Rahu dasha.. Let us see how the Rahu Dasha of the native was supposed to be, after all the Dasha determines the status of the native!

Rahu posited in 8 (Rahu is untenanted, ie. no planets in its stars so strong signification of 8)
Conjunct with Saturn: 8, 2; Venus: 11, 5 6 10 (Venus in 11, cusps 6 and 10 are empty so strong sig)
Sign lord Sun: 1; Venus: 11, 5 6 10 (Sun in Asc)
Star lord Venus: 11, 5 6 10

Sub lord Ketu 2 (Ketu is tenanted, so weak signification of 2)
Aspected by Saturn 8, 2; Venus: 11, 5 6 10
Sign lord Saturn 8, 2; Venus: 11, 5 6 10
Star lord Jupiter 7, 1, 3

As one can see, Rahu is giving results strongly of houses 1 6 10 8 and 11 and weakly of houses 2 and 5. The sublord is strongly giving results of houses 3 6 7 10 11 and weakly of 1 2 5 8. It is clear that 

With strong signification of 6 10 11 by planet and star and of 6 7 10 11 by sub and sub’s star, it is clear that financially this was a very fruitful period for the native. The 8th signification perhaps gave him some problems at work or in the family, it also made him do his work using bribes etc, but a positive 6 10 11 at the deciding Sub level, it could only turn out positive for him. As such, he stayed with this wife and children in grand style in a lesser developed country (Rahu). There was also troubles with spouse in this period due to the 1 6 10 significations, but the strong stellar signification of 11th cusp, supported by the Sub's  signification of 7 and 11, ensured that despite separation etc the spousal relationship did not break.  

The native moved abroad in November 2007 to an African country. Notably, despite there not being any strong significations of moving abroad by Dasha lord, Rahu is the natural karaka of foreign countries. The 3rd cusp is also strongly signified by the starlord (JU) of the sub lord. The actual move abroad happened in Ketu Bhukti and Sun Antara. Regular readers of the blog will know how Rahu and Ketu usually send the native to a lesser developed region of the world, so this native was sent to Africa!

Ketu is in its own Sub and its significations are as follows:

Ketu 2 (Ketu is tenanted, so weak signification of 2)
Aspected by Saturn 8, 2; Venus: 11, 5 6 10
Sign lord Saturn 8, 2; Venus: 11, 5 6 10
Star lord Jupiter 7, 1, 3

It is clear that it was the Sun antara that provided the impetus for going abroad, look at the significations:

Sun 1
Star Venus 11, 5 6 10

Sub Mercury 12, 9, 7
Subs Star Ketu 2

As can be seen the sub Mercury is a very strong significator of long journey (9) and foreign land (12). This move was followed by a “HUGE jump in salary” to put it in the native’s words. The Why is clear from the significations of 6 10 11 of Rahu, Ketu and Sun.

Rahu dasha ended in February 2015, after which Jupiter dasha started. Now lets look at Jupiter’s significations.

Jupiter: 7,3 1 
Star lord Saturn: 8, 2 

Sub lord Mars: 1, 4, 11, 12
Sub’ star Sun: 1

Jupiter is tenanted and as such will primarily give results of its starlord Saturn which is posited in 8. The 8th house is a malefic house that deals with accidents, insults, disappointments, delays, hurdles, stress, bad decisions, all types of losses etc. 

To analyse what sort of troubles the native might face one would have to see the 8th CSL  and its significations. The 8th CSL is also Jupiter, which we have seen signifies 8 and 2. As such the native best avoids driving or any hazardous activity since 1st, 8th and badhaka (7th), maraka (2 and 7) and 4th (end of everything) are signified. The saving grace is that 7th is weakly signified. 2nd signification means problems regarding money flow and problems regarding family. 2nd is also the vyayasthana for the 3rd house which deals with documents and travel which suggests some problems in getting permissions and hurdles to travel. All these issues the native is currently facing in spades. 

However, the sublord has the power to divert these results. The Sub Mars strongly signifies the 1st and 4th house. 1st house suggests self efforts, which the native will have to put in. The 4th house suggests that the native will get help from his home country and family. However the 4th house is also a malefic house suggesting it will also aid the other malefic house (8th) in creating troubles for a native.

Indeed as soon as the Jupiter Dasha started the native was cheated by his foreign supplier and he suffered a huge loss to the extent of selling off his home, and living on borrowed money. His travel documents have been impounded by his creditors and he is unable to return to his home, even though his family in India is taking efforts. His wife and kids had to come back to their home country and he is left alone to fend for himself in the foreign land (1st cusp signification impact). In some ways it could be argued that he is imprisoned. In fact the only reason he is not in jail is because the primary cusp of confinement, i.e. 12th house is weakly signified and 4th house of own home is strongly signified.

Now with travel documents confiscated (illegally) the native is unable to travel back to India to be with his family. Without travel documents, no work is possible and the native is currently living off the help of his friends. Again the 8 and 11 combination coming into play with him getting unearned income. But 11 is weakly signified, hence only meager amounts are coming in even as the 'sting' og 8th house (insults) is intact. 

So when can he return to his home land?

The houses to return are 2, 4 and 11. Lets see the significators of the same:

2nd house: House lord is Saturn, Jupiter and Venus are in Saturn’s stars. Ketu occupies the 2nd house, Mercury is in the star of Ketu. So Mercury (A), Ketu (B), Jupiter (C), Venus (C) and Saturn (D) are the significators of the 2nd house (in descending order of strength)

4th house: House owner is Mars. There are no other planets in the 4th house. Since Mars is becoming the sole significator of the 4th house, we will see if there is any planet whose sublord is Mars. Jupiter is such a planet. Thus, Jupiter (A) and Mars (B) become significators of 4th house.

11th house Mars is the house owner, no planets in Mars nakshatra. Venus is in the house. Saturn, Rahu, Sun are in the star of Venus. Thus, Rahu (A), Saturn (A), Sun (A), Venus (B) and Mars (D) become significators of the house.

So in total, Mercury (A), Ketu (B), Jupiter (A), Venus (B), Saturn (A), Rahu (A), Sun (A), and Mars (B) become significators of the 2 4 11 combination.

Since ability of Jupiter to send the native back is not in question (has full combination of 2 4 11), we can say that the current Bhukti Antara combination of Saturn-Mercury (lasting till Jan 1 2018) will bring the native back. Note, Jupiter (Dasha lord) is a strong significator of the 4th house, Saturn (Bhukti lord) is a strong significator of the 11th house and Mercury (Antara lord) is a strong significator of the 2nd house.

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  1. Ive been informed by the native's family that the native has managed to procure his travel documents and will be reaching India in a matter of hours.As predicted this seemingly impossible situation has resolved itself in a matter of days and within the time frame predicted.The return is in Venus Sookshma and Jupiter Prana. Venus has full combinations of victory 6 10 11 and return to family 2 11 and Jupiter as we have seen has full combination of 2 4 11. Praises to my manas gurus and Ma Bhairavi.