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Friday, 8 September 2017

Choosing a Academic Stream

This is an interesting concept for me, because it is one that can be used most by parents to figure out which academic path is best suited for their child. Note, this a methodology to pick a study stream that is most suited to the persons mentality, and does not deal with the success in that study or the career that comes after it. Its about putting the child in the best possible position, given the circumstances.

The methodology is quite logical. First list out the stellar significations of the cuspal sub lord of the 4th house, which is the primary house of formal education. Then list out the stellar significations of the Dasha lords that will be ruling during the period of higher education and career (because if someone asks you for advice on what to study,  it is only logical to suggest that curriculum that will be most applicable to what you think he/ she will do in the future). 

It is important to first note down which Graha denotes what sort of a career, so that relevant  study paths can be looked at:

Sun: Government or government approved service, security, own/inherited business, copper, gold, wheat, medicines, chemicals, medical or medical related field etc

Moon: Water related work (navy, docks, ports, water department), salt, fish, pearls, business related to liquids, milk, petrol, cooking, farming, travel, juices etc

Mars: Soldier, police, detective work, chemist, dentist, surgeon, butcher, barber, iron and steel, cook, engineers, physicist, foundries, weapons work, land, construction etc

Mercury: Brokers, teachers, lawyers, arbitrators, advisors, writers, journalists, printers, publishers, astrologers, accountants, translators, travel agencies, mathematicians, marketing and advertising, PR, communications of various types etc

Jupiter: Higher education, colleges, religious institutions, law related, hospitals, managers, finance, judges, banks etc

Venus: Films, dance, sports, entertainment, singers, all types of artists, vehicle related (garages, car salesmen, automobile engineering, drivers), farming, sex workers, aesthetics related, sweets and sugar, Opticians, beauticians, glass work, tea and coffee related, perfumes, beauty products, finance and money etc.

Saturn: Iron work, coal related, mining, hair related, wool, leather and such animal products, bone related work, museums, archaeology, detective work, death related work (grave yards, slaughter houses etc), family planning work, astrology, Air conditioning work etc

Rahu: Jails, graveyards, black coloured things, black magicians, illegal work, rag pickers, daily wage labourers of different sort, low status work, thieves, photography, scientists, dealing in antiques and broken down things, electronics repair, radiation and X Ray, tantra vidya etc

Ketu: Medicine related, especially surgery and medicinal manufacturing, yogis, siddhas, astrologers, beggers, occult subjects like astrology and meditation etc

To put it in a modern context and very broadly, 

Saturn, Mars and Mercury combining with the 8th cusp can be deemed to be of 'Engineering' stream. 

Venus, Mercury, Jupiter combining with 2nd 6th, 10th or 11th cusp are of 'Commerce' stream.

Sun, Mercury, Mars combining with 5th 8th or 12th cusp are of 'Medical' stream. Moon too will come here but it will be in subjects lie Psychology.

Moon owning the most sensitive sign (Cancer), deals more with Arts side of studies. 

In terms of signs:
Engineering: Aries, Scorpio, Gemini, Virgo
Commerce: Taurus, Libra, Gemini, Virgo
Medicine: Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius 

Now, lets try and apply this to a few charts:

Chart 1 (18 July 1986, 10:40AM, Morena) 4th cusp and pertinent period Dasha significations:

Ra: 7
Ma: 4, 3 8; Ve: 12 2 9 
Ke: 1
Ju: 6 4 7; Su 10 11
Ve: 12 2 9; Su: 10 11 
Ma: 4, 3 8
Ve: 12 2 9

Me: 11, 1 10; Sa  3 5 6

Ke: 1
Ju: 6 4 7; Su 10 11
Ve: 12 2 9; Su: 10 11
Ma: 4, 3 8
Ke 1

Ve: 12 2 9; Su: 10 11

Su 10 11; Ju 6 4 7

Mo 3 11; Sa 3 5 6

A simple glance at the significations will tell the reader that Sun signifying 10 and 11, and Venus signifying 12 2 9. I have also highlighted them to make it easy for the readers. The native's Ascendant falls in Virgo.  

Let us first take Sun and 10 11 for analysis. 10 and 11 stand for honour, dignity, authority, political power, government or gain from government, own business, permanency. Now putting this together with Sun, we can get that this person has something to do with the government and/ or has his own business. Sun can give medical stream, but it is not signifying the 5/8/12 houses needed for medical or related fields. Sun is signifying the 10th house which falls in the 'commerce' house category.

Lets look at Venus and 2 9 12. 
2nd house  - wealth, family, vehicle 
9th house - higher education, pilgrimage, justice, travel etc
12th - foreign lands, imprisonment, hospitalization, losses,  

Now Venus' natural signification of vehicle fits well with travel and foreign land, so perhaps a travel tourism or cab business will be a good fit for the individual. 

Venus is 'commerce' planet. Additionally, the native's ascendant is in Virgo, a 'commerce' sign as well. Venus signifies 2nd house of wealth further nudging me towards a commerce/ finance related field. 

As such travel related work and Commerce field will be suited for the individual. In fact with the 4th CSL strongly signifying 2 9 11  one can say that the native will be good at studies and do a professional course like MBA finance, or even Chartered Accountancy.

In reality, this native is a Chartered Accountant, who is running his own business (own practice) and in fact lives far away from his native place and needs to travel considerably for work. 

Chart 2 (19 Dec 1991, 17:14, Thana) 4th cusp and pertinent period Dasha significations:

Sa 8 9 10; Mo 3 12

Mo 3 12; Su 4 7

Ma 6 7 12; Me 6 2 5

Ra 7
Ju 4 8 11; Ve 1 6
Su 4 7; Ke 1
Su 4 7, Ke 1
Ma 6 7 12; Me 6 2 5
Me 6 2 5; Sa 8 9 10
Ju 4 8 11; Ve 1 6
Ve 1 6; Ju 4 8 11

Ju 4 8 11; Ve 1 6

Ve 1 6 and Me 6 2 5 are most prominently represented at the stronger levels.

Mercury represents both engineering and Commerce, but as it does not signify the 8th house I will take it in the commerce category.

The Asc is in Taurus, a commerce ascendant and two commerce planets are strongly signifying the commerce houses of 2 and 6.

Mercury and 5 could have also given the person a possible career path in communications and entertainment.

In reality the native is a chartered accountant and works in the finance department of one of the country's largest Air Conditioning company.

Chart 3 (18 Dec 1964, 20:23, Ratnagiri) 4th cusp and pertinent period Dasha significations:

Ve 4 11; Sa 7 8

Ra 11
Mo 1 11; Ma 2 5 10
Ve 4 11; Sa 7 8
Ve 4 11; Sa 7 8
Ma 2 5 10

Ju 10 6 9; Ve 4 11

So Ma 2 5 10 and Sa 7 8 are most prominently represented.

The Ascendant is in Leo.

Mars natural significations are land, construction, iron, cutting, butchering, sharp instruments.Now combine it with house significations: 2 -wealth, family, mouth, which gives fields like income from land or property, 5 - healing, entertainment, art, sports, etc so perhaps a sportsman or an action star or surgeon, 10 reputation, govt position, etc - so perhaps in the armed forces or employed by the government in some position of respect.

Saturn's natural significations are death, cold places, hard things, long duration illnesses. Now combine with house significations: 7 - marriage, opposition, spouse, legal bondages, and 8 - accidents, getting hurt, death, going in depth, extreme difficulties etc.

In reality the native was a skilled surgeon who had to stop conducting surgeries due to an accident and then focused on helping terminally ill patients.

I will continue my research on the career + education front, and keep adding more charts as I get time to analyse them. Readers should kindly contribute cases that fit and do not fit the bill either in the comments section or email me at

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