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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

A challenge accepted - the aftermath

Regular readers will remember that I had received a very dishonorable challenge from a practitioner of Vedic system of astrology. The gentlemen who in fact had referred to me as a fraud used to be a high official in the police force. The challenge and how I won it was can be read about in detail here.

Anyway, so in that post I had written that marriage of the native is impossible till March 2018. After that there is some chance. Best chance is in the period 5th Dec 2023 to 10 Nov 2024, but that itself is a slim chance. This chart is not one that is destined to have a happy marriage at least as per me. As usual I always pray that let me good predictions come right, and bad ones come wrong.

So I heard that the native's marriage is fixed for March 2018. Naturally I was happy for the family and also somewhat satisfied that my prediction has sort of come true. But only somewhat satisfied as truly if you asked me this is still not the best time for the marriage to happen ('best' being relative to this chart ie).

As a result I kept checking with my friend on the marriage preparations. As (bad) luck would have it, I was just informed that the match has fallen through. The hall was booked and invites had gone out. But marriage was cancelled last minute. What can one say. Man proposes,  the graha disposes.

May Bhairavi give the native whatever is best.

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