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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

KP never fails

A businessman contact was recently interested in going into a food venture with a Russian company. The idea was to set up a type of western breakfast food stores across cities. My contact went for several meetings with the Russian company's management and after everything was finalised contacted me to check when the final contract signing would happen and whether the business will be profitable for him. 

Chatting over whatsapp he gave the seed number 407.(!!!!)

I immediately knew that the answer is negative. For he knew fully well that the seed should be between 1 and 249 (having consulted with me about a million times before) and yet he gave a number out of the range. This is an omen that all is not well. Students should note that if this happens 9 times out of 10 the answer to the question being asked is unfavourable.

Anyway, not wanting to disappoint my friend, I asked him to give me a new number. In fact this new number would corroborate how correct the omen was.

The new number he gave was 131 and I cast a chart at 19:41:52, Pune on October 31, 2017. I am not putting the chart here as I am working on a very slow net connection. But diligent students would already have a software right? :)

First thing I checked was the 3rd CSL as it will determine questions like "Will  I get the contract?". The rule is simple, if the 3rd CSL signifies the 11th house the person gets the contract. The 3rd CSL in this case was Jupiter. Jupiter is in the star of Rahu. Their significations are as follows:

Ju 1 3 6; 

Ra 10;
Conjunct X
Aspect X
Sign lord Moon: 5 10; Ju 1 3 6
Star lord Me: 1 9 12

Jupiter aspects 5, 7 and 9

As one can see there is no connection between the 3rd CSL and the 11th house. As such I told him, according to me you will not get the contract. 

This was quite shocking for the querent who had expected to hear more on how the business would run and risks etc, but here I was saying that the contract which was in the final stages or crossing Ts and dotting Is will not materialise at all.

He pushed me saying "There and only grammatical errors that we are working out. We have already paid them a token. And honestly they cannot possibly back out, they've been working on this project for 3 months now!".

I replied: Look I have been wrong once or twice. So maybe I am wrong in my prediction here. But my dharma is to honestly interpret the chart based on the rules of interpretation. Since 3rd CSL does not signify 11th cusp, I cannot say that you will get the contract.

The conversation ended there, with him prodding me and I sticking to my stand of contract not materializing. What is the point of analysing the health of a non existent business. This is the strength and the weakness of stellar jyotisa. The strength is that most times, especially to a serious question, the answer is crystal clear. Which is why, like Vedic astrologers I do not have to delve into obscure puranic stories and how x planet is friendly with y and who is whose son and which is whats wife etc. But this becomes a weakness when a client insists on wanting to hear a story instead of a clear yes or no. People would rather that the jyotisha be wrong but give them a great story, instead of simply being correct. Alas, that cant be helped. We all carry our own burdens :)

Anyway, I was travelling for 10 days after that and in between on 6th Nov received a message from the querent, "Ur prediction was right the agreement is not going through. The guys had ulterior motives and it cannot be worked out on the terms they are now offering".

My reply was simple: Brother, I take Rs 1500 per question, how much did you spend on travel and not to mention the interest lost on the million odd you gave as token. Wouldnt it be cheaper for you to ask me these questions before you commit so many resources instead of after? I havent received a reply yet.

Verily, who cares about the doctor once the illness is cured.

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