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Saturday, 16 December 2017

So long folks!

Hello folks, 

It has been sometime since I wrote on charts. It has been a wonderful journey and I have met amazing people who considered me worthy of sharing their life issues with me. I learnt from them and hopefully my advice or reading of their charts helped them as well. Some have become good friends and topics with them evolved beyond jyotisha, into life, spirituality, family, etc. They are hopefully reading this and they should know I cherish their friendship.

However, I have to announce a short break from reading charts now. Honestly, I was not able to keep up with the charts asked and with Moon in my Ascendant I am not able say 'No' to someone who asks for help. Having my normal commitments along with reading charts stretched my schedule no end. So before I started to wane in my accuracy and bring discredit to the science of Jyotisha, I have decided to take a break.

When I return, I will hopefully be rejuvenated and happy to share analysis of newer charts. But for the purposes of consultation then, I will only take charts from only some of the people I have worked with earlier. I have had too many experiences with frivolous questions and non-serious querents which disappointed me no end. 

I may continue to write on jyotisha on the blog (so I am not stopping blogging!) to share whatever little knowledge I have, and any new discoveries. 

My hope is everyone keeps reading my past posts and continue their jyotisha learning journey. May it prove as exhilarating for you as it has for me. May Ma Bhairavi give all of you, whatever is best for you. 

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