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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Logic of the Seed

Those readers who may have consulted with me may have been intrigued by me asking for something like this:

"Focus on your specific question. AFTER your mind has become focused on that specific question, give me the first RANDOM number that comes to you, between 1 and 249. Remember, the number needs to be a RANDOM number and NOT your lucky or favorite number"

This number is the seed that I use to plant the prashna or horary chart.

Lots of those who have asked me a question have wondered why they need to give a seed and it seems non serious to them. Hence I am doing this post to give the basis of this seed.

To understand why a seed is needed lets take a hypothetical situation. Lets say Narendra Modi walked into a traditional astrologers office and asked "Will I become the PM of India in the next election?" 

The traditional astrologer will then proceed to cast the prashna kundali of the time Narendra Modi came into his office and will give him the answer based on the Muhurta chart. 

Now suppose, Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Nitish Kumar, Laloo Yadav, Arun Jaitley, car pooled to the jyotisha's office and entered together and each asked, "Will I become the PM of India in the next election?" Now the traditional jyotisha is in a fix. Because the same time chart (or even a slightly different time chart for each of them) will now give the same answer. Earlier the muhurta chart would suggest victory or loss, but now with multiple people asking the same question, to whom specifically does the Muhurta chart apply?!

Stellar astrology proceeds on the assumption that the person coming with the question already has the answer encoded in the planets with him. The jyotisha's dharma is only to interpret it for him. It is for this reason people who have consulted with me may have noticed me asking them to prioritize their questions, if they have multiple questions. 

So what does the Seed do. The Seed, FIXES the Ascendant of the chart, irrespective of the actual Ascendant of the time. For non regular readers, Ascendant is the first house of the 12 houses and is the one rising on the eastern horizon. So once the ascendant is thus 'artificially' fixed, all the other 11 houses will be fixed and the chart will become PERSONALIZED. 

Such a bespoke chart will give the specific answer to the question that is being asked. So people entering in together will still have different charts as we are no longer depending on the actual position of the houses or cusps, but an artificial one. The seed is nothing but a divine intervention into the querent's mind and hence it has to be a random number and not a favorite or lucky number. In fact those unfortunate enough to know me personally have to pick a number tag out of a bag or turn to a random page in a book I give them. It has to be THAT random. And only after their mind has focused on a specific question.

Now why 249? Some may ask. Well, there are 249 subs aren't there! How? We know there are 12 signs, divided into 27 constellations and each constellation broken into 9 unequal parts, each part being ruled by a planet (this is the sub). 

So, 27 * 9 = 243.

The balance six come from 6 different signs in the chart, where the star (constellation) and the sub remains the same, but the sign changes. This happens in Aries-Taurus, Gemini-Cancer, Leo-Virgo, Libra-Scorpio, Sagittarius-Capricorn and Aquarius-Pisces. 

So these 'broken' star-sub combines in 6 places give six additional sign-star-sub combinations which then give

27 * 9 = 243 + 6 (broken) = 249

So the entire 360 degrees of our cosmos are broken into 249 parts and when the querent chooses a random number he is basically saying, "for my question divinity wants the Ascendant to be fixed at the beginning of point so-and-so" 


I have generated a random chart with a random seed number of 100 to show this difference. actual sign ascending at this moment on the eastern horizon is Sagittarius. So the first house or cusp will in reality be there,,,represented by the TmAsc in the figure above. 

BUT, for my hypothetical question, the Ascendant has been artificially fixed in Leo which changes the house or cusp (cusp is just the starting point of a house, I use the terms interchangeably), placements. 

So if a child was born at 12:44PM in my location, his ascendant would have been in Sagittarius and his Moon would have been in the 5th or 6th house (same for other planets).  BUT, for the purposes of a question that is asked of me, I have personalized this chart by fixing the ascendant causing planets to change houses and thus change their significations.

So now I can hand my random number bag to Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar, Rahul Gandhi, Laloo Yadav and Arun Jaitley and ask them to give me a random number each. And in a span of 15 minutes have bespoke answers for all of them!

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