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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Anatomy of evil

Here are the Nadi significators of someone this jyotisha has the opportunity of knowing well. The person is undoubtedly the most cruel that I have encountered in my life. While 'evil' is a strong term, what exactly is 'evil'. Lack of sensitivity? Tremendous ego? Aggression? Selfishness? Need for self importance to the point where the person does not care what they have to do to others to get it?

Lets look at the significators, and readers can do a similar study for people they know. Feel free to write in to with your notes and experiences.

The significators are:

Aggressiveness, need for self impotance, limitless ego:

The combination of 7 8 12 gives the person these traits. Ketu, Venus, Sun, Mars (broken), Rahu, Jupiter have the full combination of 7 8 12. Even the balance planets have a 7 8/ 8 12 in them. This person is extremely aggressive and has a tremendous ego. Another pointer to the ego is the number of 1s present in the significators. 1 means self, so this person cannot see the point of a world where this person does not exist. Six out of nine planets here signify the 1st cusp for this this native,


7 8 12 also shows the 'dhongi-ness' of the individual. For non Indian readers, 'Dhongi' means someone who projects something they aren't. A lot of the 'vedic' jyotishas for example, who wear long gowns, big marks on their forehead, and generally act holy, must have some form of this combination in their charts. All this feeds into their need to look holier-than-thou or different from the natual population.

Complete disregard for others feelings:

We know that 2 5 11 is the combination for child bearing. What does child bearing mean, it means love and caring. Similarly the combination of 2 5 9 11 also denotes a loving and caring individual. 1 4 10, which are maraka sthans for 2 5 11 are considered as marks of a cold, calculating person, with absolutely no empathy in them. 1 4 6 10 is also the combination for cold behaviour. Ketu, Venus, Sun, Rahu, Jupiter have the full combination of this attitude. Saturn and Moon have part of the combination.

Interestingly the native's Ascendant sign lord is Jupiter. Asc will determine the basic nature of the person and as one can see from the significators above, the combinations 1 4 10 and 7 8 12 are part of the basic make-up of this person. So I doubt the person feels that they do anything wrong at all.

Continuous state of strife:

Some people thrive in a vitiated environment, and thus always want to keep some strife going. Since the 6th house represents enemies and 7 8 or 7 8 12 represents strife, the combination 6 7 8 or 6 7 8 12 will represent such people. Look at the number of these combinations from the Nadi significators above, four planets out of nine. So this person spends half the time in creating strife, as that feels the most natural and comfortable for the native.


6 8 12 combination without the 10 11 make a person face continuous failures and generally unfortunate. This is the classic sign that that a horoscope is a representation of our past lives karma. The negative traits this person has brought forward makes life hell for people unlucky to be around (thankfully this jyotisha is not one of them). But this person will not get success or lasting happiness from this behaviour, due to 6 8 12s. God and Karma cannot be bribed. The odd part is that such people use misfortunes befalling them as a justification for their behaviour! Afterall, with so many 1 4 10s, they are only concerned with damage to self and not to anyone else.

Dabbles in occult?

The '?' is because this is not something that I know for a fact. But look at the prevalence of the '8 12' houses in the significators. The 8th and the 12th houses have a lot of esoteric significance. The 8th house represents going into the depth of something and the 12th house is that of something that is very removed from the ordinary. Thus these houses are receptacles of that which is beyond ordinary human intelligence, beyond logic. 

Interestingly, Asc lord Jupiter for this person is sitting in the 12th house of the occult, further increasing my suspicions. The lord of the 10th house (of worldly achievements) is also sitting in the 8th house. The 10th CSL is sitting in the 12th house.

Also, look at the number of 4s that arise in the chart. 4th house is the house of secrets buried deep within. This person is secretive and people around such a person will not have any clue of what is happening in their mind or their activities. Another necessity for the negative manipulators of energy.

The directional arrangement of planets that I discussed in the past post, indicate that Saturn (work) is conjunct with Ketu (spiritual) and is aspected by Rahu (karaka for black magic or deeds associated with the dark). The reason this jyotisha feels that the native is not dabbling in tantra for the purposes of liberation is due to the lack of the 5th cusp and the 9th cusp in the chart. 5th is the house of Dharma and Love, 9th is the house of religion and pilgrimages.  In fact, in this chart the 5th house appears only twice and in both cases is afflicted ( 5 7 12 combination in Mars and 5 8 12 in Moon).

This is not an individual who is in quest for a higher goal in life and this the 8 12 if used for occult is finding representation through the basest of means. Revenge, jealousy, anger and ego.

Cruel profession:

Another interesting thing that regular readers may have noticed is the profession. With so many 1 6 8 12s, the native had no choice but to be a doctor. Even in directional association of planets Saturn + Ketu suggests a medical related field (like I said in the last post, this directional business is good for confirmation, not so much for prediction). Now readers will wonder what is such a person doing in the noble profession of medicine. Abortions!

While this jyotisha is all for women's rights and planned parenting, it is one thing to support something conceptually and quite another to remove a fetus from a womb, thus 'killing' it. In the same way that people who eat non-veg food on a daily basis would be hard pressed to wring a chicken's neck or tear a cow apart while its alive. For that you need a butcher only.

So, what is the solution for such people. Can they be changed? No. Primarily because they themselves believe they are perfect. People around them can at best avoid engaging with these natives. Some problems have no solutions and are best avoided.


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