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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Disease Diagnosis: Liver trouble or Cholesterol

A fellow jyotisha had been facing several health troubles. After getting the blood tests done, he was given a preliminary diagnosis which suspected two conditions. He asked me the following question:

This is the chart of mine. I am at presently running in DBA of Jupiter-Saturn-Mercury. I have continuous health problems from past 4 months due to the adverse transit of Jupiter in 8th house and Saturn is in 11th house. Sometimes it is cough & cold, infection in throat, seasonal fever, acidity, constipation, hypertension (both high & low blood pressure) etc. and sometimes due to gastric problems pain in chest, head, stomach & legs. From last 3-5 days I have viral fever and cough & cold and as per doctor’s advice, I have to done my blood test day before yesterday. Today reports come to my hand and I have found some disease at initial (starting level) level. What may it be –

1. Disease of cholesterol misbalancing between HDL, LDL & VLDL;
2. Thyroid Problem;
3. Exceeding the prescribed level of Bilirubin causing Jaundice in Lever;
4. Infection in blood causing fever like Malaria or Dengue;
5. Glucose level in blood was found high causing Blood Sugar;
6. A symptom of increasing of prostate gland was found;

So I had to select the same two conditions that were chosen by his doctors. His chart and significators are as follows:

Health has always been the bee in my bonnet, as I am yet to come across any methodology to correctly diagnose disease. I attribute this to my (and astrology community's general lack of medical knowledge). As such I am still on the look out for any coherent methodology that one can follow to diagnose disease. Even though in the current case I was able to correctly predict, the reality is that without a limited set of options I would not have been able to. I would be grateful to readers who can send me their charts with any illness that I will try to diagnose. They will need to tell me the illness as well at this stage so that I can evolve a method that works for atleast 70-80% of the charts.

Ok, this is how I worked on it:

First I saw the DBA he had said in which he became ill. It was Ju-Sa-Me.

Looking at the significators I realised that only Saturn has the combination of 1 6 12 (of illness). So it was the primary cause of the disease and I focused my attention only on that planet.

Saturn is in Jupiter's star and will thus primarily give results of Jupiter.

Jupiter  rules the liver. Jupiter is an expansive planet and hence it governs any excess in the body, whether it is excess growth (cancer) or excessive production of any enzyme etc. Jupiter is a fatty planet so any excess fat is also governed by Jupiter.

Notably Jupiter is in rapt conjunction with Mars that is the karaka for blood. Jupiter is in the sign of Pisces, which is a watery sign, of pure water, so it is something that could be impacting the blood.

Since Venus is needed to be related to be associated with Jupiter for causing diabetes, I eliminated option 5.

Since the 8th house or Scorpio sign is needed to come into play for the prostrate I eliminated option 6.

Since neither Rahu nor Ketu were involved I eliminated option 4. Since in my limited experience germ caused diseased need one of these planets there.

Now Thyroid was a distinct possibility. However the only reason I eliminated it was because in my readings I have come across the nugget that Moon needs to be involved for Thyroid problem. This eliminated option 2.

So then I was left with options 1 and 3. Now we all know that Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that's found in all cells of the body. So that fit in with the character of Jupiter as ruler of fatty substances.

Option 3 was increased production of bilirubin which also fit in with the character of Jupiter as a expansive (increased production) and liver ruling planet.

These two were my final diagnoses. I have been informed that my diagnosis is correct.

In fact just received this note from the fellow jyotisha:

"This is one of the best explanations. I really appreciate your readings. Even in KP, I think, you understand the facts that to judge the disease, how roles of Signs and Karaka Planets has to be scrutinized."

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