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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Is it true that India has done "Surgical Strikes" before the one in response to Uri?

There are a lot of views about this, with the army ex-DGMO, and a political party (currently getting uncomfortable with sitting in opposition) giving differing views. While even the ex DGMO says that some minor cross border operations may have taken place earlier at a local level, they cannot be called surgical strikes.

While most sane people have agreed that the ex DGMO has called the particular political party's bluff, there is no doubt some idiots will continue to believe the politicians and not the army.  There is no doubt in this jyotisha's mind that the Indian armed forces were ALWAYS capable of capable of carrying out the strikes, BUT, it was ONLY the lack  of political spine that was holding them back. Finally, India seems to have got that with the presence of Modi in power.

In fact the sheer idiocy of these claims from the politicians is revealed by this 2011 article in which the then army chief of India discussed the capability of surgical strikes. This article was in context of the USA having eliminated Osama in Pakistan in one such surgical strike and India's capability to execute similar operations. The General clearly stated: “All the three wings (army, navy and air force) are capable of carrying out such operations, when needed. But we need permission from the top for this,” 

In fact there was another article from few years back that said, "India does have the Special Forces, but they have been largely used as a kind of super-infantry - employing them on missions which the regular army would baulk at. We don't lack brave men, but we don't possess the combination of political will, politico-military-intelligence integration and specialised technology that make these operations possible."

The repeated theme is that our soldiers are brave and capable, but our POLITICIANS do not give permission.

Now that Modi has allowed the armed forces to do the right thing, every worm in the woodwork and their minions on the ground and among public have come up with how "surgical strikes" have been carried out many times. If this is true, then why did the political masters in 2011 with the entire media mechanism in their control not counter these claims by their own army chief? If they say national security, then is one to assume that they are ok to jeopardise national security right now?! And if they are ok to play with national security now for measly brownie points, how much credibility should we give to any claims they come out with!?

Anyway, these arguments can go on till the cows come home, and then some. I decided to ask if the information that India has done surgical stikes before the current one is correct? The chart and Nadi significators are as follows:

Since the question pertains to information being correct or not, we have to look at the 3rd CSL. KP says if 3rd CSL is connected to Jupiter, then the information is correct (ie. India has done surgical strikes before this one). If it is connected to Saturn or Mars the information is NOT correct (ie. India has NOT done surgical strikes before this one). 

As we can see the 3rd CSL is Rahu. Rahu is in Venus star and not connected to Jupiter in anyway. Rahu is however a representative of Saturn as Saturn has its powerful 10th aspect, in fact to the EXACT degree, As such it is clear that the information is not correct.

Even looking at the Nadi significators, the Dba of Ve-Sa-Ra is saying the information is NOT correct. Saturn is the natural significator of lying. Plus DBA is dominated by malefics.

Venus has full combination of 3 6 8 12, suggesting that the information is false.
Saturn has 12
Ra has 8 12

It is clear that the information is wrong and this in indeed India's FIRST surgical strike. Remember, like that DGMO said, surgical strike is a technical term with a specific meaning. 

This jyotisha is deeply saddened that he has had to take a look at a chart to prove the ex DGMO correct. For this jyotisha the word of the army is sacrosanct. I do not doubt it one iota. 

However for those unfortunate souls who want to believe that a disgraced political party is correct and not the army head, I had to check. May such unfortunate souls get well soon. 

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