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Friday, 22 January 2016

Will my investor actually invest?

This query came from a friend who had won a government project and had lined up an investor to see the project through to completion. The investor however was shying away from actually investing and was not even backing out. So this put my friend in a quandary and he asked me this Q with the seed number 156. I cast the following chart:

To check if money will come in, we have to first examine the 6th CSL. This is because 6th cusp represents expense/ outflow/ investment for the opposite party as it is the 12th from the 7th cusp. The house grouping necessary for the funds to come in are 6th (expense of opposite party), 2nd (natives wealth) and 11th (gain to native).

6th CSL is Mars. Mars is in the star of Rahu. Now let us examine the significations.

Mars is posited in the 11th house and owns the 1st and the 6th cusp through sign lordship. Its star lord Rahu's significations are as follows:
House posited: 10
Conjoined with Ju: 10, 2 5; Ju's starlord (Sun) 2, 10
Aspected by Sa: 1, 3 4; Sa's starlord (Me) 2, 8 11
Rahu's starlord (Sun): 2, 10
Sign lord (Sun): 2, 10; Su's starlord (Ke*):

Sun is in its own star hence taking it Sublord as its Starlord

Ketu's significations are as follows:
House posited: 4
Conjoined with: Nil
Aspected by Ju: 10, 2 5; Ju's starlord (Sun) 2, 10
Ketu's starlord (Ju): 10, 2 5
Sign lord (Sa): 1, 3 4; Sa's starlord (Me) 2, 8 11:

So the final significations for Mars are: 11, 1 6; 1 2 3 4 5 8 10 11. It is thus amply clear that the 6th CSL strongly argues for the investment to actually materialise. Not only is 2 6 11 signified by Mars, it also signifies supporting houses of 1, 3 and 10.

However, now we need to check the DBAs for timing. The ongoing DBA is Ra-Ve-Ra. As seen above, Rahu strongly signifies the needed houses 2 and 11. Now we need to check if Venus will allow this event to take place.

Venus is posited in 1st cusp and owns 7 and 12. It is in the star of Ketu thus signifying the houses 2 and 11 strongly. As such we can see that Venus too allows the event.

But ongoing Rahu Antara runs till June 6, 2016. Can we further pinpoint the event? My friend needs to start work on the project before the end of February, so roughly a month from now. As such we need to see the transit of Moon to pinpoint the event.

I looked at the Ruling Planets of the time of examining the chart. They are:

Asc sign lord: Mars
Moon star lord: Rahu
Moon sign lord: Mercury
Day lord: Venus

Readers will find it interesting to note that our DBA and 6th CSL finds mention in the ruling planets! This gave me further confidence that the event will come to pass soon.

Moon will pass in the Sign of Venus and Star of Rahu on 31st January and 1st Feb 2016. That is when the person should give money to my friend.

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  1. The investor gave 25% of the commitment. It credited to my friends account yesterday, roughly in line with the time frame.