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Tuesday, 19 January 2016


The following was a question asked through an online forum:

For divorce 
Is divorce possible, if yes, then when

The following was my answer:

 I took up examination of this Q at 3.56PM today. The prime cusp that we are concerned with is the 7th, since the Q pertains to marriage. The 7th CSL as per the given time is Jupiter. The RPs at 3.56 PM were: Me, Ve, Su, Ma. Since the 7th CSL does not appear in the RPs, the birth time is perhaps not entirely correct. The 7th CSL appears in the Leo sign at 21:17:23, so Su-Ve-Ju. The nearest planets that appear around that degree location that also appear in the RPs are at time 8:04:30 AM (Me) and at 7:45 (Mars). If I change the timing to reflect 8:04, then the resultant horoscope does not seem to indicate major problems in marriage. So I rectified it to 7:45, thus making Mars the 7th CSL. Now time rectification was over.

As per Shahasane, the 7th CSL must be connected to either Me/ Ju in any way and also become a significator of the 3rd house, for legal separation to occur. The 7th CSL here is Mars, situated in the sub of Jupiter. Also, Mars is placed in the 3rd house and also owner of the 3rd house. So both conditions are satisfied. Thus there is 'possibility' of divorce there.

Let us examine the health of Mars for the married life. Mars is posited/ owns 3rd and also owns the 10th house. Mars is in the star of Moon which is placed in 1st house and owns the 6th. Thus at a stellar level, Mars is straight negative for marriage. In fact marriage was possible only because Mars signified the 7th and 11th cusps through its 4th and 8th aspects. But overall, married life has been tough. This is supportive of the 'possibility' of the divorce. Another interesting angle I see here is that the house group 5 8 12 signified in about 4-5 planets. Indicating that there may be an extra-marital angle to the issues that have cropped up in the marriage. I hope I am wrong in this.

The next Q is when? Currently, the native is in the Dasha of Mercury. Mercury signifies 10 through its stellar signification. The current Bhukti is Venus. Venus is posited in 1st house but through its starlord Jupiter it strongly signifies 2 and 11. To add to this, Venus is the natural significator of marriage. As such divorce in the current Bhukti seems difficult (should the native choose to go down this route). After May 2017 Sun Bhukti starts. So somewhere around May 2017.

However, coming to a more practical aspect, while problems are denoted in marriage in multiple planets, there is also a string of 2s and 7s and 11s scattered throughout. If indeed there is an extra marital issue, my position would be to sort it out and get back to his grihasta dharma asap instead of going for a legal separation. Yes problems will be there, but that is what life is.

This is my analysis for academic purposes and not advisory in nature. No guarantee expressed or implied and no liability accepted.

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