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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Will the Indian Government permit the BCCI to have an India-Pak cricket match?

With Pakistan continuously attacking Indians at the border, there is a public mood in India that no ties should exist between the two countries. Meanwhile, in lala land, the BCCI (the cricket business owners), apparently intend to have a cricket match between India and Pakistan. Truly, money knows no borders, and neither does greed. So I asked a question that makes up the post title and gave the seed of 19, to cast the following chart:

The cusps for all permits, licenses, NOCs is the 3rd cusp. If the 3rd cusp's sublord signifies the 11th cusp AND the 11th cusp's sublord signifies the 3rd house, then and only then will the event happen and happen in a favorable way. I will be examining significations using Hasbe jis 4 step method.

The 3rd cusp sublord is Mars. Mars is in Moon's star and Jupiter's sub. Jupiter is in Venus's star. Moon and Jupiter are in own star and untenanted, respectively.

Mars is tenanted and hence has only weak significations of its own.

Moon is in 1 and owns 4th cusp. Both significations are strong as the 4th is empty.

Jupiter is in 5th cusp and owns 9th and 12th cusp. 9th and 12th are empty so all significations are strongly signified.

Venus is in 6th and owns 2 and 7. Strongly signifies 6 and 2.

So the 3rd CSL signifies 1 2 4 5 6 9 12, not the 11th house.

Even if we look at Nadi significations below:

The ongoing DBA is Mo-Ra-Sa. the 3rd CSL is Mars and 11th CSL is Venus. 3rd CSL is non committal on issue of permission. 11th CSL is clearly denying the permission by signifying 3 6 8.

Even DBA lords are denying the permission.

Thus overall we can say that (thankfully) it is likely that the Government of India WILL NOT grant permission to the BCCI for the India-Pak match.

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