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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

When will I change jobs?

To be fair this was not a question asked of me, this is a suo motu exercise. Also, this is not such an unusual question that warrants a blog. However if you have read my research blog on job change versus role change, this will allow me to add one more example to monitor.

First lets put the chart and significators:

While the full job change combination appears in only three planets (Ve, Mo, Ra), every other planet contains atleast one half of this combination thus supporting change. However the change in this man's career has not been in companies but in roles, from starting off in the IT department of a company, he went on to head several departments finally ending up as the research head in one of that company's biggest markets.

Now lets look at owners/ occupants of the 6th and 10th cusps and their starlords:

Ma (owns 6th and 10th)   ---> Moon star
Ke (occ of 10th)               ---> Ketu's star

Since Ketu is occupant of 10th house and owns no sign (based on examples so far I havent taken the nodes sign lords), it cannot give employer change as in its capacity of a star lord.

So lets look at Moon. Moon is an occupant of the 9th house, so it is positive for job change as a star lord. Therefore MARS, if it appears in DBA will cause job change.

But based on my theory, we should look at other planets too. So lets do it the quicker way and look at owners and occupants of the 5th and 9th house.

Ve is owner of 5th house.
Saturn is owner of 9th house.
No occupants of 5th house. Moon occupant of 9th house.

So all those planets, where Ve, Sa or Mo appear as starlords will cause employer change. Those planets are:

Su, Ma, Me, Ve.

For job change atleast one of the planets in the DBA has to be a separative planet (ie. Su, Ra, Ku, Sa)

The native is currently running the DBA of Mo-Me-Sa. Sa antara runs till 3rd Feb 2016.

So the native will change jobs till that date PROVIDED the transits support.

Planets having 5 9  or 5 or 9 are as follows: ALL!

It  so happens that Sa Me Su are already conjoined in the 5th house as I check this, and so are Ra, Ma and Ve in the 3rd house. This condition continues till 1st Dec.

After this Me moves out of the 5th house, but Su and Sa will remain in the 5th house and Ketu in the 9th house, thus continuing to satisfy the transit conditions, till 8th Dec 2015.

Again on 25th Dec, Ve and Sa are in the 5th house and Ke in the 9th house till 11th Jan.

I will not continue to detail the transit conditions, but the point is that Saturn Antara is overall very conducive to change of job and the transit conditions are being met several times. So overall the job change can happen by the 1st Week of Feb 2016. Notably, Saturn is a separative planet, as is required by Nadi rules to effect the job change.


  1. It will be better to give data separately for erection of horoscope, since it cannot be read from the screen shot provided in an article. Secondly which system viz. KP, Nadi or Vedic is used for delineation of chart? Software used to erect a chart uses KP, but principles of delineation are not KP. Sometimes you mention use of Nadi principle. In my opinion such mixing of principles leads to confusion may affect quality of predictions unless sufficient research is done on the subject.
    However, attempt is commendable.

  2. The native has informed me that he has changed jobs in beginning of March. So I was off by a month, but remember, this native did not even know I had done this analysis. Its quite possible the birth time may be off by a few minutes leading to this miss by a month.