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Friday, 20 November 2015

Will Amit Shah get another term as BJP chief?

The BJP's showing in Bihar has sparked off a million questions it seems from both supporters and detractors. More particularly, being the only person who got it absolutely right in July 2015 to my knowledge (with Bhairavi's grace), quite a few of these questions are directed to me.

A cousin walked into my home today and over a cup of tea the conversation veered towards politics. Both of us find cricket boring, so as Indians, politics is the only subject left to us. :)

There are calls for the ouster of the current BJP chief, Shri Amit Shah from this post in wake of the absolute debacles that were Delhi and Bihar. There are rumours of various people presenting their credentials for the top job and as usual lots of things going on in the background, as they are wont to do in Delhi.

Anyway, it doesn't matter who does what and when and how. What matters are the stars and whether they allow the event to happen or not. Well aware of my interest in stellar astrology, my cousin suddenly asked me..."Will Amit Shah get a second term?". I asked for a random number between 1 and 249, to which he replied "91".

Quickly polishing off my tea and biscuits, I got down to casting the following chart and significators:

Now the BJP part poll is expected in Jan 2016. To be fair, more than a poll these are exercises in getting a no objection certificate from the leaders of the party. As in I feel, Amit Shah knows he is unacceptable to the Party, he will not contest the polls at all. So the elections itself become a formality of getting the No Objection certificate. Do correct me if I am wrong.

So more than the 6th cusp of competition , the 3rd cusp of permission comes into play. But being the strickler for detail that I am, I will look at both. Also, the 11th cusp of wish fulfillment becomes important.

Lets look at KP first. 3rd cusp sublord is Rahu. Rahu is in Sun's star and Mercury's sub. It is also posited in Mercury's sign. Mercury is an untenanted planet. So it is a strong significator of the 11th cusp.

The 11th cusp sublord is Jupiter, Jupiter is in Venus' star and Mercury's Sub. Mercury is untenanted and is the occupant of the 3rd house. Thus, Jupiter becomes a strong significator of the 3rd house.

Thus Amit Shah will be 're-elected' as the BJP chief again.

Even looking at the 6th house cusp, we see that the 6th CSL is Venus. Venus is in Moon Star and Mercury Sub. Venus is posited in the 2nd house and owns the 10th house. Mercury as the untenanted Sub, is a strong significator of the 11th house. As such we can see that even viewed as a competition, Amit Shah should come through as a victor.

Now lets look at Nadi:

My cousin who has asked this question, is in favour of Amit Shah being re appointed as the BJP chief. So the positive combinations (ie AS reappointment) will be 2 6 10 11 and negative will be 6 8 12.

The 3rd CSL is Rahu
The 6th CSL is Venus
The 11th CSL is  Jupiter

Rahu has 2 3 11 in Planet and Sub level and no negative combinations.

Venus has 2 10 in Planet and 2 3 11 in Sub. A lone 12 cannot hinder very much.

Jupiter has a negative 5 8 at the planet level. Which suggests the back biting etc going on in this period by the enemy. But the 2 10 and 2 11 in the Star and Sub levels will manage to beat this 5 8.

So there is no opposition from the prime cuspal sublords to Amit Shah's re-elevation.

The DBA applicable during the polls is Ra-Ve-Me.

As seen earlier, Rahu and Venus and net positives. Mercury has 2 11 at Planet and a 6 at Star and Sub levels, with no negative combinations.

Overall, I can say that Amit Shah will be re-elevated to the post of BJP Chief in January 2016.

Even overall, the Ascendant is in Leo, the regal or leadership sign. It is a fixed and fire-y sign which suggests that current situation will continue (ie Amitbhai as leader). It is aspected by Moon as well, which is another benefic planet that suggests a leadership role. Notably, Moon is a female planet suggesting that he may get some key support from the lady leaders of the Party.

The only negative thing that I can see is that Saturn's 10th aspect on the Ascendant. Saturn is the planet of delays and giving someone something slightly less than is deserved. So Amitji may have to be satisfied with some small pin prick somewhere. It be also be that the polls may be delayed a bit, or the result be declared later than usual or expected.

Saturn is also the sublord of the Ascendant cusp, but thankfully it does not signify any majorly bad houses.

Net-net, Amit Shah ji...we will look forward to seeing you getting a next term!

* This is an amateur astrologers view. No guarantees expressed or implied. No liability admitted!

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