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Tuesday, 17 November 2015


The entire post below is hypothetical:

There was once a very large kingdom. For a long time it was ruled by a dynasty. While the progenitors of this dynasty may have been illustrious, it deteriorated as dynasties are wont to many times.

The latest generation of the dynasty had people of all sorts. Even those who could not have been part of this lineage. The kingdom deteriorated under them. They were corrupt and encouraged corruption. Slowly the kingdom that was once touted as a BRIC of the global economy became an international joke.

Then from nowhere a young challenger arose. From a humble background, he was ridiculed, punished, harassed by the dynasty and its corrupt minions. Town criers went out everyday to 'inform' people of the misdeeds of this young challenger, where there were one. Lies and slander became the order of the day to stop him.

He however managed to win the faith of the people and slowly the people promoted him to take the dynasty's place. People were desperate for revenge of the cheating of the many generations. He had promised them a just retribution.

However, nothing happened. Everytime a noose seemed to close in on the erstwhile ruler's  neck, this young challenger or one of his tribe seemed to pull it back.

Suspicion fell on the new rulers right hand man...a minister who was known far and wide for his wise consul and experience. He was a suave man with sliver tongue. Knowledgeable in all the laws and all the loopholes. Was he the one who was protecting erstwhile royal family from justice? A fierce verbal duel broke out between those who blindly believed this man to be honest and those who did not.

It was not a small matter. An incredibly powerful minister he was, would surely reward the poor peasants with many gold guineas and plum posts in return for unquestioning and blind loyalty.

A group of people were undecided on whose side to take in this battle of the wits. They came to the town astrologer. And asked the astrologer, "Oh wise one, we have come to ask you about someone who believes he is wiser than you. There is a rumour that this super wise person, while running with the hares is hunting with the hounds"

"Oh for gods sakes, get to it!", the astrologer remarked.

"Ok, the rumour is that the erstwhile dynasty is being protected by this sun ray like wise minister, so no law or justice can touch them. We dont know what to believe! Is this rumour true?"

The astrologer asked himself this question and came out with a seed number 183 and cast the following chart:

The wise astrologer looked to his many gurus for guidance and suddenly page number 442 of the Phaladesh Khand of Shahasane came to mind.

It said:
a) If the 3rd cusp's sublord is retrograde or posited in the star of a retrograde planet then the rumour/ news is false.

b) If the 3rd cusp's sublord is Mars, then the rumour is false and maliciously false.

c) If the 3rd cusp's sublord if Saturn, then the rumour is false or incomplete

d) If the 3rd cusp's sublord is Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Venus then the rumour is TRUE.

(if its Rahu/ Ketu  then look at the signlord where these 2 are posited).

The astrologer looked at the 3rd cusp sublord. It isnt retrograde nor is it posited in the star or a retrograde planet. And, the 3rd cuspal sublord is Jupiter.

Rest, everyone is intelligent.

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