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Thursday, 22 September 2016

When will my pet Molly (fish) give birth?

This is one of the more unusual questions I have studied. Someone worried about their pet fish Molly who had not given birth to her fry asked me this question.

This Q once again highlights that the only criterion to study the question is that the querent must have a pressing need to know. The practice of giving life reports for 10-15 years covering all aspects is something that I discourage. While a nicely packaged printout will command high charges, that is not the objective of jyotisha. It is a guidance tool for people caught on crossroads, not a thing of idle curiosity.

Anyway, what might be considered a frivolous question by many readers, was an important question for the questioner. And I proceeded to analyse the prashna chart. Note, pets are denoted by the 6th house and so I rotated the chart by the 6th house. The chart and Nadi significators are below:

Human or animal the birth houses remain the same (2 5 11) as do the birth denial houses (1 4 10). 5th CSL Venus strongly signifies the 11th house and weakly the 5th house, so birth of a spawn is not denied. In fact as per Nadi sigs, Venus signifies the full combination of 2 5 11 supporting birth.

The Dasha lord is Mercury, it too signifies the full combination of 2 5 11, so again a strong positive for birth.

Bhukti lord Venus is already seen above to be a strong significator of birth. Notably, both Dasha and Bhukti lords appear as RPs.

Current Antara lord Mars is also allowing child birth, as is the next antara of Rahu (in fact Rahu with the full combination 2 5 11 is stronger).

So birth is imminent. I turned to see the transit of the Moon to pinpoint the date. At the time of asking the Q, the moon was already in the 3rd house. It will transit the 5th house on 22nd and 23rd September.

So I told the querent, the Molly will give birth on either 22nd or 23rd of September.

I had almost forgotten about this query, till I heard that native can see some fry swimming around the water at about 22:00 tonight. :)

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