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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Stock market astrology

If after the question of marriage, any question that is asked more of astrologers it is the question of "Will I make money from gambling or stock market?". While this author having run a hedge fund of his own does not equate gambling with stock market at all, it is worth noting that both come under the sway of the 5th cusp. The 5th cusp also governs things like art, sports, entertainment...things that have to do with the 'gut'. In that sense, yes stock market too has a 'gut' factor involved and it comes under the 5th cusp.

While questions relating to specific stocks are best solved using the Prashna chart, the basic construct of being 'lucky' in these matters has to be present in the natal chart. Always remember, a prashna chart cannot override the natal chart. If the natal chart says no money from stock market, then whatever prashna charts are cast, will either give wrong answer or will give right answer but for some reason or the other the native will be unable to act on the advice.

So what makes a native lucky in these matters?

The 5th CSL is the final decider of the matters of the 5th cusp. So the 5th CSL must be favorably disposed. By favorably what do we mean? It should be in the star of a planet that either owns or occupies the wealth generating houses. 

While we normally consider 1 2 3 6 10 11 as wealth generating houses, in case of stock market we want the most powerful of these. Otherwise a 10-12% return one can get from fixed income also in India. So the most powerful are the direct houses of wealth:

2 - known as Dhana (wealth) sthan (house) itself
6 - loss to opposition (12th from 7th)
11 - known as house of gain/ desire fulfillment

So if the natal 5th CSL is in the star of any planet that either owns or occupies 2/6/11 then the person is lucky in the stock market.

HOWEVER, (sadly, as always in life there are conditions attached)

The same 5th CSL must not be in a star of a planet that owns or occupies that 5th or the 8th cusp.If this is the case then it will depend on the strength of the significance of 5/8 but the windfall gains associated with the stock market will not be there generally for such a native.

For timing of the investments, it is best to see if the DBA lords are also satisfying the conditions above. i.e. D/B/A lords should be in the star of a planet that is owning/occupying the 2/6/11 houses and not in the star of planets that own/occupy 5/8 houses.

Lets look at the chart of someone I know who also works in the markets and has done well for himself:

Lets see the basic structure of the chart. The 5th CSL is Venus. Venus is in the constellation owned by Moon. Moon is posited in the 9th cusp and it owns the 2nd cusp.

Thus the 5th CSL is placed in the star which owns 2nd cusp and has connection with the 5th or 8th cusp. This is a good chart for the native to speculate in the stock market.

But this is only possibility. The actual delivery will be by the DBA lords who also have to be in favourable nakshatras (constellations). So first lets list out the planets whose constellations we can consider favourable. These would be those planets that own/ occupy 2/6/11 but do not own/occupy 5/8.

2nd cusp -  owner: Moon (2, 9); occupant: Sun (2,3)
6th cusp - owner Mars (3,6,10,11); occupant: None
11th cusp - owner Mars (2,6,10,11); occupant: Jupiter (11, 7)

So all the planets associated with 2/6/11 are owners of favourable nakshatras: Moon, Sun, Mars, Jupiter.

So the DBAs of following planets: Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and Mars will be favorable for speculation. As these are the planets for whom Mo/Su/Ma/Ju appear as starlords.

The native had his Venus Dasha from Nov 1982 to Nov 2002, and I do not know much about thhat period. Sun's dasha started then and went on till Nov 2008. During this period despite Sun signifying houses 5 and 12 through its starlord (Venus), the native did fairly well primarily because he worked abroad (away from his place of birth) thus utilizing the the 12th house alternatively. The '5' operated with the native having worked in multiple roles in the same organisation, working from admin side to research to business etc. But overall, it was a good period for him due to the alternative use of 12 and the sublord Mercury signifying 1 and 3 (which are wealth creating houses). 

It should also be noted that due to 4 favourable for speculation planets (which are also good for career), the bhuktis in the periods Aug 2003 to Jan 2004, Nov 2004 to September 2005, Aug 2006 to July 2007 and Nov 2007 to Nov 2008 must have been good for the native career wise.

Then the Dasha of Moon started. While Moon was in Star of Ketu, its sublord Venus through its signification of house combination 5 12 was able to divert results to the negative. Notably, at this time the native had bought his own dwellings in a foreign country and had decided to domicile there. As such the 5 12 combination operated in full force in his career. 

In Mo-Mo the native left his established job and did quite well till April 2010 which was under Mo-Ma. After Mo-Ra started, the entire period was under tremendous stress (April 2010 to October 2011). In this period he had to shut his newly started company for less than expected performance. Just look at Rahu's Nadi significations, really bad ones:

Ra 2 3 5 9 12
Ra 2 4 5 9 12
Sa 1 8 9

A full combination of 5 8 12, with no mitigating 10 11, one cannot imagine the stress the person must have been in. The combination of 2 1 8 12 is a variation of the 2 1 6 8 combination for depression and thus the native may have been led into depression temporarily. But thankfully it was just over a year.

The coming of Jupiter bhukti provided relief. Jupiter is the best natural benefic and is also a positive planet in this chart. While dasha was unfavourably, Jupiter signified 10 11 and thus the native got a new job, though it was not an ideal one and did well. 

The last few bhuktis commencing from Saturn, Mercury and Ketu are stories of triumph over struggles and wins, perhaps not easy ones, but wins.

Currently the native is in Venus Bhukti since Sept 6, 2016 and will be in it till 8 May 2018. This will be a good period for the native. He should try and travel more to mitigate the impact of 5 12 combination and indeed travel seems destined.

The Sun bhukti of May 2018 to Nov 2018 will be a difficult period because it is a bad bhukti in a bad dasha.

The next dasha however is going to be superlative for the native. Mars dasha from Nov 2018 to Nov 2025. In these seven years, the native will make more money than he had imagined.

First reason is that as discussed earlier Mars is in the star of Moon which signifies 2nd house and is not connected with 5th or 8th. The second reason is that the 6th house is empty.  Its house lord Mars is untenanted. Mars does not appear as the sublord for any other planet either. This makes Mars the only significator of the 6th house. 6th house is the primary house of victory. The native will make unprecedented amount of money in the Mars Dasha!

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