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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Typical Vedic B.S.

My apologies to regular readers of my blog for being unable to write new examples. The reason for that is simple, lack of time and lack of any interesting cases. In fact haven't seen a good query in weeks! But since this blog is for education, and education means not just informing what to do, but also what not to do, I am appending the full text of an email sent to me by someone who has consulted with me several times before.

This lady had consulted with a 'vedic' asstrologer few weeks back. He is quite famous in that even I've heard of him. He gives interviews on youtube and expounds on grahas in very colourful language. But that's all that vedic asstrologers do, don't they? To make up for lack of knowledge with mythology :)

Anyway, this is the actual question sent by the lady to this astrologer and his reply (I am paraphrasing to protect the identity of the querent):

When would I be able to get a job/ employment and in which geography (India/ Dubai/ or any other)? Also if the job would be in my area of expertise or some other area and if it will be a good job?

Even a 6 month old baby would know the question is: When will I find a job? The other two questions are for better understanding of the type of job.

This is the reply:

You are running sani mahadasha from 2002 to 2021.This is your 3rd dasha called as Vipat, so creating difficulty and obstacle in life.

It's time to travel and stay away from birth place.

Sani is seated with rahu in 12house, foreign house.

This is time for doing fixed/secured work(Job) only, no business or any unsecured work.

After sani dasha budh dasha good time.Budh is lord of career and personal this dasha will grow you.Again you will be completing 42age also.

So presently search job in middle east(muslim) country till 2021. Then can start own consultancy work.

Never do own business or partnership work. Only job then own profession only.

Now if you have read my last blog the obvious B.S. in this reply is self evident.

Like I said, Vedic asstrologers cannot answer the question (i.e.when will I get job?). You will notice that he hasn't mentioned any date or date range. Like I said in my last blog, vedic astrologers are never wrong. How can they be, when they exclusively write weasel words! I am proud to say if I am wrong, it is because I dare to be right. Can this celebrity mythology spout-er say this with the same confidence?

The other thing I said in my last blog was that everyone who goes to a vedic astrologer comes back with some Dosha. Here the asstrologer has pointed out a 'vipat yoga' in this client's chart. Huh?! Why is the third dasha bad? No reason. My way...or the highway.

Since I know this client for few years now, (initially as a friend, now as their jyotisha consultant), I know for a fact that this person had a hand to mouth existence till 2001. It is only after the Shani Dasha started that this person made a lot of money abroad and is only facing some career troubles over the past 3-4 years. 

If Shani dasha is vipat, then how was this person ever able to raise their family up from 1 meal a day to atleast 1 foreign holiday abroad every year (even today!!). That will never be explained by vedic asstrologers. They will only say, 19 years is bad for career. Does this joker even know what a two decade long bad career will do to someone?! But they say it anyway. Its like a butcher doing brain surgery with these guys.

Another point I had noted in my last blog was jargon to cover up ignorance. Hence he used 'vipat'. 

Now I know that my friend had given this asstrologer her background and had told about having worked in the middle east. In fact 'Dubai' featured prominently in the question. So the asstrologer is only repeating what he knows in the rest of the reply. No prediction here. 

The third question (will it be in the same field) has not been answered by the astrologer at all!

So out of three questions, 

1) When will I get a job?  - not answered
2) Where? - repeated earlier details told to him
3) Industry - Did not address at all!

Created fear:
1) Vipat yoga!!! 19 years bad. Life over!
2) Jargon used, to cover ignorance
3) Unable to answer time frame
4) Regurgitated information known to him
5) Did not answer any question, as mentioned above

Now the native got worried and asked me. "I have vipat dasha, what is upaay"?! I told her to go back to the same astrologer and ask :) Some people will only be satisfied when they spend Rs21000 or more! Do not come back to me.

I am convinced that my policy of doing social service through education and cheap consultations is wrong. I frequently write, "If you are unable to pay me, I will read your chart for whatever you can comfortably afford". Then I entertain repeat queries from the same person for weeks or months on end. To be fair its not just Vedics but also at least one stellar astrologer who was brought to my attention a week or so ago by another client, who has given a "prediction after the fact". 

Complete idiots like this asstrologer I mentioned here and the two others I referred to in my earlier blog, take weeks to send a non-answer to a serious question and are minting money. I should consider giving up my day job and becoming a professional asstrologer instead of being a student of Jyotisha. At the least, I have the guts to give a time frame!

What say?!

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