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Monday, 20 June 2016

When will marriage happen?

I received a letter from a parent understandably concerned about the marriage of a daughter. The time of birth given to me was 23:36, and I cast the chart accordingly at 13:19 Pune on 19th June 2016. Since the question related to marriage, I looked at the 7th CSL, which was Venus. I then looked at the ruling planets at the time of examination of this query, they were as follows:

Asc starlord: Moon
Asc signlord: Mercury
Moon starlord: Mercury
Moon signlord: Mars
Day lord: Sun

The 7th cusp falls at 1:12:52 in Sagittarius sign. The sub level  earlier is of Ketu which does not appear in the RPs, the next sub level is of Sun, which appears in the RPs, so I rectified the birth time to 23:44 to make Sun the 7th CSL. The rectified chart is as follows:

Sun is in its own star, so its sub (Me) will take the position of its Starlord as per Shahasane ji. The significations are as follows:

Sun: 4; Me: 1, 4, 2 5 Sun aspects 11

Sun is thus signifying two of houses of the 2 7 11 combination required for marriage. So marriage is not denied to the native. 

Regular readers may have noticed that I did not use the phrase "marriage is promised" instead have stated "marriage is not denied". There is a reason why I have said it this way. The term "promise" has come down from old teachers of K.P., better men than me. But I have humbly changed the phraseology here, as the "promise" my seniors talk about is qualified by the DBA allowing the event. And IMHO a promise cannot be qualified thus. Hence I  rather use the term "event not denied" rather than "promised", to ensure that new readers are not confused by this phraseology. 

The current Dasha lord is Rahu. Its significations are as follows:

Posited: 11
Aspect by Sun: 4; Me 1 2 4 5
Aspect by Me: 1 2 4 5; Mo 3 11
Aspect by Ma: 6 8; Su 4
Conjunct with Nil
Starlord (Me): 1 2 4 5
Signlord (Ju): 9 7 8 11; Sa: 6 9 10^ 
Special signification (strong): 7*

As we can see Rahu signifies both marriage positive houses and marriage negative houses strongly. So marriage is possible (but maybe after marriage there is some fights etc) in this Dasha, 

*Another important thing, I looked at the 7th cusp, the prime cusp of marriage. It is empty. Its signlord  is Jupiter. Jupiter does not appear as the star lord for any other planets. In such cases, we need to see which planets Jupiter appears as sublord for. Those are Rahu and Ketu. So Rahu and Ketu become strong significators of the 7th house, more stronger than Jupiter.

Whenever analyzing an event, it is good practice to look at the houses that allow and deny an event. If any of those houses are empty, then it makes sense to check if any planets are becoming significators to those houses using a special significance, like in the case of Rahu and Ketu here. Lets carry out this exercise here for 2 7 11 (marriage) and 1 6 10 (no marriage).

We have already seen the 7th house above. Both 1st and 2nd house are empty and fall in Me's sign. Me is tenanted, so question of special signification does not arise. The 6th house is not empty, so again the question of special signification does not arise. The 11th house is also not empty, so no special signification possible. The 10th house is interesting:

^ The 10th house is empty. Its house signlord is Saturn, which is untenanted! So special signification will be there. Saturn appears as sublord for Jupiter! So Jupiter is a strong special significator of the marriage denying 10th cusp! It is not wonder then, that marriage of the native was not possible in Jupiter Bhukti that ran from June 2011 to October 2013 despite the family looking out for a suitable groom since 2012.

 Now we look at the current Bhukti, Saturn. Saturn is in its own star, so its sub will act as its star. Through its sub (Mo), Sa signifies the 11th house, but marriage has not happened so far. In any case the only Antara remaining in Sa bhukti is that of Jupiter, we have already seen Jupiter is a strong significator of a marriage denying house and as such marriage cannot happen now.

So we have to look at the next Bhukti, which is Mercury. Mercury also appears in the Ruling Planets, thus increasing my confidence that marriage will get fixed in this bhukti (4th Sept 2016 to 24th Mar 2019). 

Now to pick a suitable Antara to narrow down the time frame, I turn my attention to the Ruling Planets again. 

Mars signifies houses  4, 6, 8. So marriage is not possible under Mars. 

Moon signifies marriage as well. However it lies in the Sub of Mars which denies marriage.

Mercury is appearing twice, and we know Mercury is positive for marriage. 

Sun too allows marriage. 

So the two Antaras when marriage can get fixed is Me and Su. ie:

Ra-Me-Me (3 Sept 2016 to 13 Jan 2017)


Ra-Me-Su (12 Aug 2017 to 26 Sept 2017)

Both dates ranges are equally likely, but since all the Ruling Planets are fast moving, there are good chances of the marriage being fixed till 13th Jan 2017.

The likely date is in September 2016 itself when Sun transits the Me-Su combination in Gemini.

Whether the marriage will be love or arranged?

As per Shahasane ji, if the 7th CSL is the significator of the 5th cusp then there is possibility of love marriage. In this case, the 7th CSL does signify the 5th cusp and therefore it is possible that love marriage will happen. Even using Nadi significators...

...suggest the possibility of love marriage with 4 planets (Ke, Ve, Ra, Me) indicating combinations of love (5 8/ 5 12/ 5 8 12/ 5 11). Regular readers may have also spied the '4' coming with all these 'love combinations'. 4th cusp is that of secrets and it is possible that the native has fallen in love on earlier occasions but has kept the same a secret (or will keep it a secret when love does happen). Recognizing this possibility, it will be good if the family can create a comfortable environment where the native will be able to share such feelings with a sibling or an elder so accordingly they can proceed.

Normally the presence of the combination 5 6 8/ 5 6 12/ 5 6 8 12 causes the break of the love affair in the DBA or Ra/Ke/Sa but in this case the presence of 9 11/ 11 along with this combination means there is only a temporary break. 

Will groom be from the same community?

The presence of Rahu in the DBA, as the Dasha lord and also the prime significator of the 7th cusp, suggests that the husband may be from a different community. Rahu's other signification is the groom being much older than the norm of the culture. However, the presence of Mercury (which typically gives younger partners) as Bhukti and Antara suggests to this jyotisha that the impact of Rahu will likely be on the community of the groom than the age. But one should remember, this is the probability.

Will groom be from family or outsider?

The signification of 4 suggests that the groom will be from the same city or district of the native. However it is not clear if the person will be from the family, the reason being my answer to the question above, given the chances of the groom being from outside the immediate community, the groom is likely to be an outsider. 
In passing my only advice to the family, is that marriage to the right person is important. Someone who is most compatible with the native. As such the timing of marriage is key rather than these other details.  Keep an open mind, dont reject the right person because he is from your family circle. 

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