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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Marriage when?

See the chart below:

The original birth time given to me was 6.21AM when the 7th CSL was Sun. I examined this chart today at 1:46 PM when the Ruling planets were: Ma, Me, Mo, Sa, Ju. Sun was not part of the RPs, so I assumed that some BTR is needed.

If I make the time 6.17AM, the 7th CSL changes to Me, if I change it to 6.23AM then the 7th CSL changes to Mo,both planets of which are in the RPs. Let us look at the significations of each now:

Me 12, 5; Ra Cx, Ax, Me 5, 12, Ju 1, 10 11; Sa 9, 1, 12

Mo 6,8; Ju 1, 10, 11

(original time) Su 1, 7; Sa 9, 1, 12

The first thing I notice is that while marriage is not denied to the native by the 7th CSL, the signification is quite weak. Marriage denying houses 1,10 and marriage hindrance houses 6 8 12 have prominent positions in whichever 7th CSL we take. It will not be wrong to say, that if marriage happens, the couple will have to work on it.

I went with the 6:23 time only because it required the least correction and also other significations do not change much whether you take 6.17 or 6.23.

Native is current in Me dasha. Me significations (shown above) are as follows:

Me 12, 5; Ra Cx, Ax, Me 5, 12, Ju 1, 10 11; Sa 9, 1, 12; Mercury aspects the 7th cusp (but this is a very weak signification)

(Cx and Ax means no planets are conjunct (<4-5 degrees) or aspecting Rahu respectively)

Shahasane ji says: When any dasha lord is not the significator of the prime cusp of any event (7th in case of marriage), and is a weak significator of supporting houses of that event (2 and 11 in this case), and a strong significator of houses denying the event (1/6/10 in this case), then for the expected event to happen in such a dasha, we need to choose a bhukti whose lord is the strong significator of the prime event house (7th). Also, such a bhukti lord should not be the strong significator of event denying houses.

In other words, since Me is only signifying 11 and 7 (that too weakly) and also signifying negative houses, we need to look for the strongest significator of the 7th house. This is done below:

7th house lord is Sun. Sun is the starlord of no planet. Ketu is posited in the 7th house. There are no planets in Ketu's star. So Ketu and Sun are the significators of the 7th house. It should be noted that the bhuktis of Sun and Ketu are already over, so does that indicate marriage is not possible in the current dasha (i.e. up to March 2026)?!

At this point I decided to look at Nadi significators to check if they can offer a better clue as to the possible date of marriage:

Look at the number of 1, 6, 10s in the horoscope, this highlights the weak nature of the chart for marriage as 1 6 10 are the maraka houses for 2 7 11s. The high number of 1s also suggest that the native is like an arrogant and obstinate personality. I understand that Vedic astrologers would have arrived at the arrogance point based on the concentration of planets between the 10th house and 3rd house. But stellar significations of 1st house (self) repeatedly led me to conclude this personality trait. Sometimes obstinate people achieve great things because they can see something, have a vision that others are unable to see. But the repetition of 5 12 with the 1s suggest that this may not be that sort of obstinacy. Remember 5th is buddhi and 12th is loss. I sincerely hope I am wrong in the assessment and that the combinations of 5 9/ 9  10/ 5 10/ 5 11/ 9 11 are able to save the native from any rash decisions.The number of 3 9/ 9 12/ 3 9 12 also suggest the person will travel and live abroad.

Anyway coming back to the question at hand, we can see that only 2 planets are outright strong for marriage (relatively speaking) which are Mars and Venus. Ketu and Moon have full combination (1 6 10) of marriage negation. Notably, after 2026, the 7 year dasha of Ketu starts and this is likely to be a very, trying period for marriage if the native is married then. Worth noting that Ketu is a first rate malefic and a separative planet.

Anyway, with a weak dasha lord for marriage (Me), we will need to select the strongest bhukti as per Nadi principles. Since Venus bhukti has already passed (8/8/12 - 9/6/15) with the marriage not being fixed (despite Venus being a strong significator of marriage house-wise and also being a natural significator of marriage). That leaves us with the Mars dasha from 14/9/2017 to 11/9/2018. I am considering Mars dasha partly through hope against hope and partly due to the fact that Me is (however weakly) signifying the 7th cusp and Mars finds place among the RPs as the Asc starlord.

So the three periods one can look at at:

Me-Ma-Ma (14/9/2017 to 5/10/2017)

Me-Ma-Me (14/3/2018 to 4/5/2018) *

Me-Ma-Ve (25/5/2018 to 25/7/2018)

* Due to presence of Saturn in the RPs at the time of judgement, I let the first period go and concentrate on the second period i.e. Me-Ma-Me. It is not possible to fix transits using Nadi principles as they require atleast 3 planets to be positive for an event, and in this case we have just 2. So I am constrained to use the transit of Sun through the strongest significator of the 7th cusp, ie. the untenanted Ketu's nakshatras. Ketu nakshatras are in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Of these, in the time frame alloted the only possible one for Sun to transit through is the Ketu star in Aries. That date comes to 14th April to 28th April 2018.

However, given the overall status of the horoscope w.r.t. the event of marriage, this jyotish feels (with a heavy heart) that the chances will be faint. If the marriage happens it is likely (but not compulsorily) to be within similar social community (no Sa/ Ra/ Ke in DBA) and marriage is unlikely to be a love marriage (7th CSL Mo does not signify 5th cusp). The couple will have to work on the marriage.

The 5th CSL of the native is Me and signifies the 12th house. This suggests that the native may have been involved in (multiple? - Mercury) relations earlier but called it off on own accord. (5th CSL signifies 12th which is house of loss to Asc). The signification of the 4th cusp along with 5 12 suggests that the native may have kept the romantic involvement secret from family. While the current dasha lord signifies 4 5 12, there is no signification in the bhuktis from Aug 2012 to Sept 2017, so unlikely that the native is involved with anyone currently.

As a general note of caution, the presence of 1 4 10 combination in four planets suggest that the native must take care of health as such combination gives resistance to medicines. Also since this combination is maraka combination to the child bearing combination (2 5 11), there may be some hurdles in that avenue of life.

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