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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Marriage Q (again)

As I was telling someone the other day, 80% of the charts that come to me for consultation pertain to marriage. i.e. either marriage is not happening or it has happened but serious issues between the husband and wife.

It set me thinking that we might be in the midst of a change of Age. For so many people to have marriage problems today, their charts had to have been decided 20-30-40 years back at the moment of their birth. I wonder how the institution of marriage will do 30 years hence. Or will birth rates come down rapidly? Too much to discuss, maybe I will do a separate post another day.

Anyway, see the chart below:

I took up examination of this chart at 11:18 AM this morning, when the RPs were as follows:
Asc star: Ketu
Asc sign: Sun
Mo star: Sun
Mo sign: Venus
Day lord : Saturn

Since the question pertained to marriage, I looked at the 7th CSL, which was the Sun. Since Sun forms part of the RPs, I concluded that the chart time is accurate enough for my reading.

Sun signifies the following houses: 3, 4; Ve:5, 12. Sun aspects the 10th house.

So, none of the necessary houses of marriage, ie. 2/7/11 are signified by the 7th CSL. As such, in the 'file' of the 7th house, destiny has not attached the 'document' of marriage event for the native. 

As such, marriage is not possible for the native, it is best if he looks for his goal in life elsewhere. 

This is always a difficult answer to give to someone. But I believe in giving a factual reading of what I see in the chart. By asking the native to do remedies that cannot change anything, astrologers ensure that the native becomes an atheist as well! Why do that? Whatever remedy the native does, even if he does Khanda Manda sadhana, how can he inject 2 or 7 or 11 in 7th CSL (Sun)'s signification, that was already fixed at the moment of his birth?! 

Even if there was a slight chance I would have suggested some remedy to see if that chance can be exploited. But the answer is clear. 

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