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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Will my son be successful in the examination to be held in January?

The chart and significators are as follows:

Since the question asked is from child's point of view I have rotated the chart to make the 5th cusp the ascendant.

The Nadi significators are as follows:

The relevant DBA during the exam is Ve-Ju-Ke

Admission to a good university is determined through competitive examinations. For success in competitive examinations the DBA planets should signify houses 6 11 or 4 9 11.

Venus is an extremely positive planet signifying 2 4 9 11 at star level and 2 3 10 at planet and sub level. Notably, 3 11 combination that can be seen here is suggestive of good success in post exam interview or GD/ debate etc.

Jupiter is not as strong as it has only 5 at planet level, 4 at star and 5 at planet level. There is 8 and 12 but 8 appears in planet and 12 appears in sub, with no negative house connecting them via presence in the star. Also it does not have a failure combination of 6 8 12. So Jupiter isnt negative. At best it is mildly positive. As worst it is neutral.

Ketu is also very positive with 2 4 5 9 combination at planet level, 5 in star level and the extremely strong 2 4 9 11 at the sub level.

Even the 6th sublord (6th house is prime cusp for competitions), Rahu, suggests 2 4 9 11 at the planet level with no negative significations, suggests good success.

Notably, even the 11th CSL is Venus, which is extremely positive as seen earlier.

The repeated '8' may be suggesting delays, and obstacles but I do not believe a solitarty '8' can derail the combination of 2 4 9 11.

The child will be successful in the competitive examination to be held in January. Let us wait and see!

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  1. Unfortunately I got this one wrong.I think I know why as well. I assumed Jupiter to be positive when it is not. ALL DBA planets should be clearly positive. Even if one in the link is broken the result is not delivered it appears.

    I assessed it wrong. Oh well, we live and learn.