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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Will brutal Feroz be released?

Feroz is allegedly the name of the rapist who was one of the lead perpetrators of the infamous Nirbhaya case in Delhi. His level of brutalities was almost that which we see in Jihadis today and to treat this as a rape alone would be injustice to the brave victim who died horrifically at his hands. Unfortunately Feroz was tried as a juvenile and thus ineligible for full punishment. After spending what could well be a long tax funded vacation he is about to be released in a couple of weeks so that he can continue to impose his cruel view on the society around him.

I must confess that I am deeply disturbed that someone whom I can politely describe as a devout satanic person is about to be inflicted on us soon. It is almost as if society has rewarded him for being cruel ie. that he was so cruel even when he was so young is being used as his defence for a virtual slap on the wrist.

In this mindset, I do not know if the stars will give me a clear answer, but I asked the question will Feroz be released or will his custody be extended? The seed I gave was 8.

The following chart and Nadi significators were cast:

Now the Nadi combination for going to jail is 2 3 8 12. 2 for worry to family, 3 as its 12th from 4th (house), 8 for insult and 12 for confinement. Combinations for release would be 6 11/ 10 11/ 6 10/ 10/ 11 (bail) or 2 4 11 (returning home).

The ongoing DBA is Ve-Ju-Ju. Venus is slightly positive as it has 2. But it also has a 6 8 combination. Jupiter is outright negative with a 8 12 combination with no positive significations.

So Nadi suggests that the government will continue his confinement.

Now I decided to look at Krishnamurti Paddhati principals. KP rules of going to jail are:
1) 12th CSL must be Rahu
2) Rahu must signify either 2 or 3 or 8 or 12th cusp
3) Rahu must not be posited in the star of a retrograde planet.


We can see in the above chart, 12th CSL is Rahu. Rahu is posited in Sun's star. Sun can never be retrograde. Sun is posited in 8th house. Thus Rahu signifies 8th house strongly.

All three rules as per KP are being met.


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  1. The court ordered Feroze to be released on the 20th as scheduled. Clearly it appears that I got it wrong. Anyway, lets wait till 20th. Miracles have been known to happen.