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Monday, 14 December 2015

Missing person

Received a message on Whatsapp today (I know its not a hoax as the person sending it to be said that he is aware of this situation first hand) saying that a person from her fathers office has gone missing and his family is worried.

I had dealt with such a question before but the answer that time was that the person is dead, so it did not warrant any further investigation into timing of return etc.

Unasked, I decided to try and figure out what would happen in this case. I cast a chart with the seed 14 and rotated it to make the 9th cusp the ascendant (as I do not know this person). The following is the chart and the significators:

The combination for the person to return is 2 4 11 and the combination to be away from the house is 3 9 12.

The first thing I checked was the Ascendant cusp (9th now made Asc). Its cuspal sublord is Mercury. Mercury is strongly signifying the houses 10 and 11. Since the Asc is in a ubhaya rashi the 7th cusp will be the badhaka. In that sense the 1st CSL is also signifying the maraka and badhaka sthan. However, it is a weak signification and 10 11 will triumph over that. In addition to that, the prevailing DBA was of all benefics. So at least this much I could say that the person is alive.

Dasha lord Moon is signifying 2 4, there is also a signification of 8, but on its own it cannot cause much harm.

The Bhukti lord is Jupiter, Jupiter is showing 2 4 8 12, this is negative for return, so I can say that the boy will not come back in Jupiter Bhukti. Jupiter Bhukti ends on 20 July 2016. This delay also agrees with the Asc being in Ubhaya rashi which suggests delays.

The next Bhukti is of Saturn. Saturn signifies 2 4 11 quite strongly, so I can say that the boy will return during this time. The first Antara in this Bhukti is of Saturn itself. This Antara goes on till 20th October 2016.

So, based on Su, Me and Sa aspecting the 2nd house (transit conditions), this should happen somewhere around July/ Aug of 2016.

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  1. Send detail information to local police. Check local jail & hospitals. Track social media & phone number to identify location. Hire a pro private investigator if you're no time to find out the missing person. God bless us. ~ Greg at