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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Some you get wrong...exam result

While I have stopped seeing charts, this pertains to a chart I had seen for a friend who was giving a exam and wanted to know if he would clear. The chart is a prashna chart and as follows:

Since the result was this week, the relevant DBA was Mo-Sa-Ve.

If you look at Moon, it signifies positive houses 4 and 9. It has no negative houses.

Saturn has positive houses of 4 11  and a solitary 8, that is unlikely to cause much harm.

Venus has a positive house of 9 and a single negative 12, but at a very weak planetary level.

An overall look at the chart also shows that it is a generally positive one.
Ke has positive of 4 and no negative houses
Sun has negative of 6 8, but matched by positives of 10 11
Mars has positive of 4 6 10 11, no negative houses
Ra has positive of  4 9 11, a solitary 8 cannot do much harm
Ju has positive of 5 11, no negative houses
Me has positive of 10 11, single 8 wont do much harm.

So looking at the overall positive nature of the chart I told my friend that he would clear. I was wrong. The result declared suggested that he did not get through.

I analysed why I went wrong and the thing that strikes me is this:

The exam he gave was super competitive with only a handful of candidates selected from the 100s of 1000s who apply for it.

For such a competitive examination, it is not enough for a chart to simply be positive, it has to be table thumping positive.

So, either the relevant DBA contains the full combination of 4 9 11 with no negative houses, or 6 10 11, with no negative houses.

As regular readers may remember, 4 9 11 is the combination that gives the A+ result and 6 10 11 is the combination of a massive victory. So whether you look at the exam as a test of academic brilliance or you look at it like a competition, the combination has to be clear.

While the current chart would have sufficed for an exam with a less stringent selection criterion, it simply did not for such an elite contest.

So I clearly misread the chart, and this will certainly be a learning for me to apply in the future. I am also sad that my friend did not get through. Though the question remains that even if I had read this chart correctly would I have told him he would not get through and broken his spirit before the exams?

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