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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Heinous crime, is news true

There was heinous crime that happened in one of the northernmost regions of India. One particular community that is in minority in that state has been accused of carrying out this crime. I asked a prashna whether it is true that this community is responsible for the crime?

The chart details are: 12/Apr/2018, 14, Pune, 12:43:01PM.

Shahasane says that if the 3rd CSL is retrograde then the news is false (ie this community was not responsible for the crime, in this case).

As one can see (after casting the chart), the 3rd CSL is Mercury, and Mercury is retrograde.

Notably, Mercury is placed in Uttara Bhadrapada which is owned by Saturn. As per KSK, in his book on Horary page 171, it says if the 3rd CSL is placed in a constellation owned by Saturn, the report is false.

As such the chart is indicating that the community being vilified for carrying this crime out is not guilt of it. This is a falsehood that is being spread.

I wonder if the truth will be revealed when Mercury that is retrograde turns direct on 15th/16th of April 2018. 

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