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Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Shashi Tharoor case

There was an expose by a newly launched channel called Republic on the suspicious death of the wife of  the then cabinet minister Shashi Tharoor on Jan 17, 2004. The channel had accessed certain tapes that they claim to to prove that Tharoor had returned to meet his wife around the same time that she is supposed to have died (as per the channel). While I have no love lost for the previous government I decided to take a look whether Mr Tharoor could have been directly involved in the alleged murder of his wife (a case that is incidentally not solved till date).

I took the birth data from the web and used it to cast a KP chart. I tweeted to Mr Tharoor to confirm the birth details but he has not responded. Anyway.

The 1st CSL is Mercury. Such people have a wide variety of interests and are well read. Jupiter and Mercury as Asc sublords generally give a studious temperament. Mercury is placed in Aquarius. Aqu gives tall natives. Oval face, fair complexion and a handsome appearance. In fact of the 12 signs, the signs owned by Venus, and Aquarius give the best looking natives generally speaking. While this combination, 5 6 8, is considered to be a hindrance in ones intelligence, I have seen it, it atleast one more case to give exceptional success in academics. Why? I will need to research. But the other native too was a PhD and so is Shashi Tharoor, and in both cases at a very early age. The '8' allows deep study leading to a PhD and the '5' gives wisdom. However, the 5 6 8 does manifest in the native making some wrong decisions, in Shashis case it might be his weakness for the opposite sex, after all Venus has a square aspect from Mars. The 3rd house is also prominently signified in this chart, The sublord of the 3rd house is Mars, making Shashi a forceful speaker. Mars is posited in Jupiter's Sagittarius sign giving wisdom to his words and the ability to speak forcefully but not aggressively, in hitting his mark. Oddly there is a combination of 3 6 8 in his chart which results in the native losing interest in studies despite being intelligent and all facilities being provided. That doesnt not seem to have happened in this case (or if it has I do not know). Perhaps the 8 got used in the research and the 3 got used up in his stay abroad allowing Shashi to power through his education and getting it done with ASAP. Notably 6 8 is also suggesting legal, courts etc. So perhaps his study subject was law-related allowing him inadvertently to divert the negative implications of the combination to a positive purpose. This 3 6 8 also has another implication, which is the prospect of being cheated, especially in documentary matters. While the natural Virgo carefulness might protect Shashi in documentary matters, there is distinct possibility that he has been fooled in personal life, especially in what are his weaknesses. Since this ties-up with what we see of Tharoor, I continued to read the chart further.

It is not easy to take a human life, it requires a certain fire, a certain anger. Thus murderers tend to have a firey ascendant. Even within firey ascendants, I would not include Leo, as it is ruled by the Sun and such natives are generally fair and just and will kill only if they feel its justified, after all Leo is the king of the planetary cabinet. Leo is also a sthira rashi and thus tends less to get 'carried away'. This leaves only Sagittarius and Aries. Another possibility is if Mars is in Ascendant to give a person a temper (its not in Shashis case), or is Mars conjunct with Rahu or Saturn? Its not.

Shashi's Ascendant is in Virgo. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Virgo Ascendants are analytical creatures. While it is a dual sign just like its counterpart Gemini (also ruled by Mercury), Virgo is a Prithvi Tattwa Rashi, which means that unlike Geminis who may live in their own La-La land, there is a lot of stability to the Virgo mind and the patience to carry out their plans. But Virgos are also over thinkers. That person who locks the door, and then double checks, then triple checks and then spends the rest of the day wondering if he has locked the door or not are usually Virgo types. Can such a person kill and then go about their lives as if nothing has happened? It is unlikely.

During the time of Sunanda's alleged murder, Shashi was in the DBA of Sa-Ve-Ve. Sa and Ve do not signify 7 8 12. It is a concern that Venus (B and A lord) is in the 8th house of hidden work/ disrepute in Shashi's natal chart and it does strongly signifies the 8th house through its star lord Ketu. But it also signifies the full combination of 2 5 9 11, which is of a loving and caring person. As such I do not think Venus can cause a Mercury dominated, earthy individual to take a rash decision like murdering his wife, especially when no planet signifies the combination of aggression!

Will Tharoor get arrested and put in jail for his wife's murder. If this chart is correct, then no! The full combination of going to jail is 2 3 8 12, and that of going to jail for murder is 2 3 8 12 + 7 + Mars + 8th lord (also Mars in this case). While one can see enough 2 3 8's in Shashi's significations, the absence of the 12 makes his going to jail impossible. Since jailing is not a usual case for most people, I prefer to see the full combination in the chart before concluding that jail is possible. It it worth nothing that in fact, 12th house is the primary house of confinement and as such, if these birth details are correct, I can confidently say that Shashi will not go to jail. The 2 3 8s may result in a lot of fear that he will go to jail, or even calling in for prolonged questioning away from his residence, but I do not see a jail term. 

Caveat: Shashi's birth details being correct. If anyone has more details please send to

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