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Thursday, 9 July 2015

An interesting problem at last!

A few days back while my chauffeur was with my car, it sputtered to a stop, and would not start! The driver took it to a nearby garage where the engineer did a visual inspection and then on being unable to detect what exactly is wrong, brought in a company diagnostic tool-kit that he plugged into the car USB. However, even the smart diagnostics did not yield the reason of the car failure. Even though the car managed to start, it would not 'race' and shut down if left idle-ing.

Now he cant locate the problem and called me this evening. I decided to see if I can solve the mystery with astrology.
I cast a chart using KP*1 with following details:
July 7, 2015, 19:32:37, Pune. Horary no: 17 and Q: What exactly is wrong with my car?

The chart was as follows:

Nadi sigs:

The first thing I noticed in the chart is that the Ascendant that lies in Aries at 24 deg. is not afflicted (aspected/ occupied) by any malefic. The Ascendant lord, Mars, is also not afflicted by a malefic and is in fact posited with benefics Sun and Mercury in Gemini. This suggests that the problem is not a major one. So that was a bit of a relief for me.

Then I turned my attention to the ongoing DBA of SA-SA-SU.

Saturn signifies 7 10 11 all the way. So Saturn isnt the primary cause of the problem.

Sun signifies 12 in the star and sub. So Sun is the issue.

Traditionally Sun has been taken as the significator of the heart, the pumping action or circulatory function. So there must be some problem in the fuel pump was my first thought.

Additionally, I noticed the 10th aspect of Saturn to Venus. Venus is considered the significator of fuel as it is the improved version of base crude. Affliction of Saturn to Venus restricts the incoming of fuel, this also suggested that there must be some problem with the fuel pump.

So I informed the garage engineer to check the fuel pump and to see if enough fuel is being supplied to the engine. Let us see what he comes back with!

Note: I must thank Shri Ravinder K. without whose guidance such detailed analysis would have been difficult!


  1. The engineer came back a few days ago with a similar assessment that the high pressure fuel pump had indeed failed and needed to be replaced. Now the problem is not severe ie. just replace the part. But the garage guy informs me that the part is nearly 10-15% of the cost of the car! Even if its half as expensive, it is very expensive. This is not apparent to me from the chart, ie. I did not foresee that I would have to bear such a huge expense. But lets see.

  2. Got the car repaired on sat night. Interesting, it was the fuel pump but the entire component had not failed and only a small part of it had to be replaced. Apparently adulterated fuel may be 1 of the causes.

    Anyway the overall cost came out to about 7.5% of the cost had the pump failed. The chart and prediction was deadly accurate.