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Monday, 6 April 2015

A question of marriage

Hello folks,

My Jyotish journey continues. I don't know how far my methods or predictions are correct but I guess the only way to learn is to keep doing it and verify results after the events predicted have come to pass. I only document them to be completely honest. Assuming that the subject of astrology is correct, then the astrologer who justifies his misses later by citing some aspect or yoga is nothing but a cheap charlatan. 

Anyway, a dear friend of mine has recently started thinking of marriage. She is well qualified and successful in her own right. Given that I am only learning, I volunteered to take a look at her birth horoscope to try and time her marriage. This is how the study went:

Here is the birth chart (Name has been changed to protect identity blah blah, lets call her Ms.X):

As per KP rules, the house grouping for marriage is 7 (primary) and 2 & 11 (supporting houses). Here we can see that the cuspal sub lord of the 7th house is MO. Mo signifies the houses 7 and 2 so as per KP, marriage is promised in her chart. Now let me revert to Nadi astrology to see the key planets that will give her marriage and approximately when. I will also try and deduce some other things about her marriage if possible.

Lets look at the Nadi significators for Ms.X:

At first, glance any reader can spy 2 7 11 combination sprinkled across the planets. So overall this is a decent horoscope from marriage point of view.  Positive planets offering marriage are VE, MO, MA, ME, JU and SU. I have excluded the following planets (remember 1 6 10 opposes marriage):

KE: Marriage rejected by '10' at Nakshatra level and the Sub is also not supporting
RA: Marriage rejected by '6' at Nakshatra level and the Sub is also not supporting
SA: Marriage rejected by '1' at Planet level while Nak and Sub are neither here nor there

Currently she is running DBA (Dasha-Bhukti-Antara) of JU-KE-SU. She was too young for marriage in Mars Dasha and Rahu would not have allowed the marriage in its Dasha till 2008 anyway. See below for dates etc:

While Jupiter is a strong significator of  marriage, KE rejects it. As such, we will have to ignore the current bhukti. KE bhukti ends on 16th December 2015, I dont see marriage getting finalised till then atleast. The next Bhukti is of Venus. Venus is not only a strong significator of marriage for her, it is also a natural significator of marriage in general. As such, I feel, the DB of JU-VE will be a good time for marriage getting fixed of Ms. X.  Now VE bhukti will run till Aug 2018! This isn't really helpful, so lets try and narrow it down. 

Within VE Bhukti, the VE antara will be the first period. Given the pre-eminent position of VE to offer marriage, JU-VE-VE would be a good time for the marriage to be fixed. This period (i.e. JU-VE-VE) will run from 17th December 2015 to 26th May 2016. So we have narrowed it down to roughly 5 months. Can we bring it down further? Lets try to with the help of transits. 

Rule of transits are:
1) Favourable DBA should be in operation. This is so.
2) Any three planets giving event should satisfy any one of the following conditions:
a) Conjoin in 1 sign OR
b) Mutually aspect each other OR
c) Transit relevant houses (e.g. 2 7 11 in this case) OR
d) Aspect relevant houses OR
e) Transit natal positions

Identifying transits is my Achilles heel. I am quite bad at it. But I gave it a whirl anyway:

Her positive period starts from February itself as some of the above conditions start getting met. However, it is only for short bursts of time. For example:

5/2 - 6/2: MO, VE, ME conjoin in Sagittarius
21/2 - 22/2: MO in 2nd, ME and VE in 7th
8/3 - 10/3: VE, ME, MO conjoin in Aquarius

So while it is possible that marriage could be fixed in this period, I prefer looking at longer periods:

25/4 - 14/5: VE, ME and SU conjunct in Aries. Within this date also, I like 8th and 9th May when there is less that 1 degree distance between SU and ME.

So while marriage can be fixed anytime between Feb and May/June 2016, the most ideal time would be sometime between 25th April and 14th May 2016.

Given that I first started learning astrology through the KP method, I wanted to note down the results of transit by KP as well here just to check validity later on, so here goes:

KP asks us to look at the transit of Sun for events expected to occur roughly in about a year. Since the DB is of JU and VE, we need to look at the period when the Sun will transit through either Jupiter sign and Venus Star or Venus Sign or Jupiter star. Remember I believe that the period one should be looking at is 17th Dec 2015 to 26th May 2016. During this period, Sun will transit fully or partially through Sagittarius (JU-KE, JU-VE, JU-SU), Capricorn (SA-SU,SA-MO,SA-MA), Aquarius (SA-MA-SA-RA,SA-JU), Pisces (JU-JU, JU-SA, JU-ME), Aries (MA-KE, MA-VE, MA-SU) and Taurus (VE-SU, VE-MO, VE-MA). The planets given in the brackets are the Signlord-Starlord combinations.

It is clear that the JU-VE combination is possible only in the Sagittarius sign. So the dates of the Sun's transits through JU sign and VE star will be 29th December to 10th Jan 2016. Interestingly, as of 10th Jan 2016, two of the Nadi conditions for transit are also getting satisfied:

a) Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars are roughly transiting over their natal chart positions. On 5-6 Jan the transit sun is in rapt conjunction (<1 deg difference) with the natal Sun. On 5th Jan, transit Venus is also conjunct with natal Venus.

b) Sun, Moon and Mercury (3 of the planets that offer marriage) are in relevant 7th house.

So the two possible date ranges (from two different methods) for fixing of marriage are as follows:

1) 29/12/2015 - 10/1/2016 (emphasis on 5th and 6th Jan)
2) 25/4/2016 - 14/5/2016 (emphasis on 8th and 9th May)

What else does her chart tell us:

Look at the '3' signified with so many planets. Even in JU-VE-VE, 2 is signified along with 2, 7, 11. It suggests that her groom will be someone from the known circle for her or her family. Oddly I cant see a strong indication of love marriage, so it is likely to start off as an arranged marriage.

Look at also the 3 9 and 3 9 12's signified alongwith 2 7 11. It suggests that she will have to move some distance to get married or post marriage. '12' suggests possibility of finding a groom based abroad.

Also, the presence of all benefics basically JU and VE in the DBA during marriage period suggests that that her husband will come from a respectable background (may even be in a teaching position) and will be a good looking or sophisticated person. (basically like someone she wants!).

Lets hope God gives her, what is best for her!

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