Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Will Salman Khan be jailed in the hit and run case? Birth time rectification

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I am back to trying my luck at jyotish, this time with a celebrity case that has lingered on for years if not decades. After too man twists and turns I read that the verdict will be declared in the case on May 6, 2015. The basic details of the case can be found here:


I got details of Salman Khan's birth from: http://www.astrosage.com/celebrity-horoscope/salman-khan-birth-chart.asp

The chart is as follows:

As we all know, Salman has been facing serious legal troubles for sometime now. Hence it was surprising for me to note the following significations in his ongoing DBA:

SA 10, 11
1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 10
4, 10

MA 1, 8, 9
5, 8
2, 7, 10

RA 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 10
5, 8
2, 7, 10

The presence and frequency of the houses 6 8 12 in the DBA (of which atleast one planet is RA/KE/SA) determines the severity of litigation. A charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder does not seem supported by the above significations. At best these stray indications of a 6 here or a 6 8 there talk of a litigation with 2-3 court dates, a small penalty etc with no fear of imprisonment. In this case the facts tell us otherwise. Whatever may ultimately happen, a case of culpable homicide is by no means a small affair.

So I thought to check if his horoscope is accurate. The Ruling planets at the time I started analysing the horoscope (21/4/2015, 6:14:02PM, Pune) were ME, MO, VE, MA in the descending order of strength. The planets ruling the ascendent cusp for the kundali available online were MA-VE-SA. Of this while MA and VE belong to the ruling planets at the time of the judgement, SA is the outsider. I adjust the time to 14:13:19 to get the combination of MA-VE-MA that ties up with the ruling planets. A big thank you, to the ruling planets that have guided me!

The new significations of DBA are:

SA 10 11
1 2 3 6 7 8 10
4 10

MA 1 8 9
5 9 
2 7 10

RA 1 2 3 6 7 8 10
5 9
2 7 10

The presence of  two of the litigation karak houses together in SA (nakshatra level) and Rahu (planet level) indicate litigation of some seriousness, which matches with the reality as we see it. Another check is the high prevalence of the house combinations 3 6 8 which suggests that Salman Khan has no inclination towards education. This is evidenced by the reality of his leaving schooling at HSC level as per this link: http://starsunfolded.com/salman-khan-height-weight-age/

Here is the complete list of significators:

It is necessary for either RA/ KE/ SA to be in DBA for litigation to occur. So it makes sense that the event (hit and run) that triggered the litigation happened in September 2002, just as the Shani Dasha began after the Jupiter dasha ended in the second half of August. Litigation is triggered with the houses 6 8 12 are represented in the DBA 

The houses for imprisonment are 2 (worry to family), 3 (away from residence), 8 (insult, loss of reputation) and 12 (confinement)

As on May 6th, 2015, Salman will be running the DBA of SA-MA-RA. RA Antara ends on 16th May and the next one is of Jupiter which is from 17th May to 9th July 2015. As can be seen from the significators table, between the DBA lords, the houses 2 3 8 12 are not signified completely. At most the houses 2 3 and 8 are signified. This suggests that while the court may fine Salman and he may even face loss of reputation (presence of house 8), actual confinement will not happen

Note also the presence of 6 11, 1 6, 6 10 which also suggests a sort of a victory for Salman Khan in the litigation. At this level, him not being found guilty of a non-bailable offence should be considered victory enough. The presence of 5 and 9 houses in both Mars and Rahu suggest that there is an element of "out of court settlement" that has happened. The houses of victory are also the houses for bail (6 10/ 10 11/ 6 11/ 11/ 10), so for any lesser offence that Salman may be found guilty, bail will be readily available.

Note: I am not aware if speculating via amatuer astrology on a court case that has been in the public domain for years together is an offense. If so, I apologise. Causing offence is not intentional. I am only learning astrology and putting up my predictions to help the education process. I do not represent the above post, or indeed any post, as infallible, 


  1. As predicted Salman Khan was not put in jail. despite being found guilty. The miracle with which he received the bail (again as predicted) was possible only due to the benevolence of the planets. The court order holding him guilty could not be printed as there was an electricity failure in the court and this was cited as a reason by his lawyer in the High Court for him to get bail. He has been granted another 2 days bail within which time he will need to give a substantive argument on continued bail.

    Salman runs SA-MA-RA DBA now. RA ends on 21-May-2015. Remember the house of confinement (12th) is denoted only in the planet Jupiter. JU antara starts on 22nd May, so thats when the 12th house comes into play. But by rules of Nadi astrology, jail cannot happen unless atleast one of the DBA planets is either Rahu or Ketu. So I dont see how the arrest can happen there either. There is a slim chance in the Rahu Sookshma (7-7-15 to 14-7-2015) within the JU Antara. The other chance is during the Ketu Antara and Jupiter Sookshma (27-11-2015 to 29-11-2015).

    Whether it is just or not, Salman actually has a very good chance of getting off without jail time given that the 12th house is only there once in his kundli significations. But the periods I highlighted here are the sensitive points. Rest assured, the '8' ensures that there is loss of reputation for him (already happened I think) and if not jail, Karma will have a way of manifesting itself in other terms for him if indeed he is guilty.

  2. As it's interesting things to know what happen with salman khan as specially for hit and run case. Everyone eager to know what happen next. The case taking numerous turning point at every step. I think god know what happen with this case. Thanks for you prediction and information. Keep updating and awaring people about what progress is done in salman khan hit and run case.