Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Who will win the UK elections?

There is an ongoing buzz about the upcoming elections in the United Kingdom. I do not know much of the UK political scene but decided to check if the question could be answered by astrology.

As I understand, the UK has 650 total seats, therefore any party getting over 325 seats will prevail and form the government. There are about a dozen different prominent parties or groups that contest these polls. Amongst these the two most prominent are the Conservatives and the Labour party groups. Wiki tells me that in the last polls these two groups in aggregate won 86% of the seats. So I can safely assume that if anybody is forming the government, it will be one of these two parties. By comparison the third biggest group (Liberal democrats) won only about 8-9% of the seats.

But how do I check who will form the government? I decided to take two different seeds for the two main parties each. For the Conservatives I took the seed: 204 and cast the following horoscope:

The question I asked was: Will the UK Conservative party form the government in the upcoming polls the result of which is on 8 and 9 of May either as the senior most partner of a coalition or on its own?

As per traditional KP rules: If the 6th cuspal sublord signifies 6th and 11th house without signifying 5th and 12th house, then victory is assured. But if the 7th cuspal sub lord is a significator of 5th and 12th without signifying 6th and 11th, then the opponent will win.

Here the 6th cuspal sublord (ME) is signifying the 6th house (victory over rivals), 10th (professional achievement) and 9th (luck). It is also not signifying 5th and 12th houses at all. This is positive for the victor. Lets look at the opponent (7th house). The 7th CSL is Mars, which is signifying the 11th house (negative) and no positive houses. So from both ends, we can reconcile a positive result for the UK polls for the Conservative party.

Let us now look at Nadi rules: The 6th CSL is Mercury and the DBA is of SA-SA-VE. Let us look at their significations:

ME: 4 6 9                                   SA: 1 2 10                                            VE: 5 10
7 10                                              1 2 10                                                    4 11
4 11                                               5 10                                                       5 10

As we can see, the 6th CSL is clearly signifying the winning combination of 6 10 11, SA is also positive with 2 10, VE also has 10 11 combination. The negative combination of 6 8 12 is not existing, so we can say that the Conservatives will form the government.

Interestingly also, please note, the 9 11 in ME (6th CSL) and 5 in SA and 5 11 in VE. The 5 and 9 house signifies that there will be an element of understanding that will be needed to form the government. This indicates that the government will not be a single party government but a coalition government . The presence of ME as the 6th CSL indicates that the government may be of not just two parties, but multiple number of parties.

Now, lets look at the prospects of the Labour party. For this party I took a seed of 147 and cast the following horoscope:

The question asked was similar to the one above  for the Conservatives.

As you can see, the 6th CSL is SA. SA is not signifying any house of victory (6 or 11) but instead signifying the 5th house which is a positive house for the opponent (11th to the 7th). This corroborates our view that Labour party will not be forming the government either on its own or as the senior most member of a coalition.

Lets look at it from the Nadi perspective: SA (SA is also CSL) and MA are the DBA lords for the ongoing period. Their significations are:

SA: 1 4 5                                                           MA 1 2 7
1 4 5                                                                   6 11
7 8                                                                      3 6 9

SA which is the lord of the Dasha and Bhukti as well as of the 6th cusp is not indicating any positive houses 2 6 10 11. In fact at the SUB level it is signifying 7 and 8, which is basically opponent and gain to the opponent. The Antara lord Mars does have some positives 2 6 11, but given its weak position vis-a-vis Saturn, I doubt it will allow a completely reverse result. At best I think the Labour Party may get more seats than people expect, but I dont see it forming the government in any sort of a leadership capacity.

Now for the heck of it, I will try to work out the number of seats that the Conservatives will win. This is the toughest area for me and indeed perhaps for any astrologer. I asked the question: How many seats will the Conservatives win? The seed was 20. The following horoscope was cast:

I will try to find out the answer using The Options Theory as propounded by Shri Rajendra Nimje. 

The possible outcomes for the Conservative Party are:

Option 1: 100-125 seats
2: 125-150 seats
3: 150-175 seats
4: 175-200 seats
5: 200-225
6: 225-250
8: 275-300
11: 350-375
12: 375-400

The Ruling planets are: ME-SA-MA-MA

SA is deposited in a star owned by a retrograde planet, hence SA has to be ignored.

The Sign values for ME are 3 and 6 = 3+6 = 9
for MA are: 1 + 8 = 9

ME+MA = 9 + 9 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9

The option number 9 above is correct, so the Conservatives will win between 300-325 seats.

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