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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

#Story The Insiders Club, Chapter 4

Fishing and the Challenge

The bunch met up after lunch at around 2 PM in the afternoon. The sun was beating down hard, but it was no match for the enthusiasm of the pals. There really was no fishing equipment to speak of so Anshu carried a small bucket, and Anand got along a few makeshift nets attached to a long stick. Sid and Rohan carried a small toy boat to which they had attached a motor from one of Sid’s old toy cars. This contraption had converted the toy into a motor boat to which Rohan had attached a long kite string to reel it back in. Sid had added enough Lego figurines to turn the little boat into a luxury liner!

It was a glorious afternoon with fishing, sailing the little boat, joking and generally fooling around the creek. While some of the swimmers were tadpoles, Anshu and Anand caught quite a few fish in the murky waters. It was an exercise in acrobatics as the duo balanced themselves on little rocks avoiding leeches, water beetles and general unidentified creepy crawlies that lurked in the shallow water. Sid and Anshu tried to sneak snails and earthworms down Anshu and Anand’s T shirts that were met with prompt yelps and impromptu dances followed by the mischievous duo being chased around the ragged terrain.

The boat project was also slightly complicated as the moment it was put in the water it barely floated.

“Its heavy” Rohan postulated

“Yes, I think the motor and all my Lego pieces are making it heavy” Sid said in what was a surprising consensus

He added, “We have to leave the motor on or the boat won’t go…but let’s remove the figurines one by one to see how much we can leave on”

After several minutes of trial and error, the boat was read to go with just a figure of a captain and a horse…and how it went!

“Yipee!” Both shouted excitedly as Anand and Anshu took a break from fishing to come and watch the boat sail several feet out into the open water.

“Pull it back, pull it back!” Sid said to Rohan who was navigating with his little string attached to the back of the boat.

The boat was pulled back, the motor was re-wound and the foursome spent an hour sending the little boat in different directions and pulling it back. What an afternoon it was!

“Hey guys…its getting dark…should we be heading home”? Anshu whispered

“No let’s hang on for some more time…” the others said

“No friends…we don’t know what creepy crawlies the dark might bring out…and going by the ones that I’ve already seen I am not keen to see more!”

“Okkk….” Rohan said and others nodded. They would’ve called Anshu a “Scaredy cat !” if they weren’t apprehensive themselves!

Sid began reeling back the boat for the last time that day while Anand and Anshu set free the small fish they had snagged during the day. Some of the fish looked disappointed as they went from the safety of swimming in Anshu’s bucket to being back in the creek, where there were bigger fish.


Something hit the water hard splashing loads of murky water on the four who were bent over the boat.

“HEY! Who did that!” Sid protested loudly while the others were dumbfounded and hoping that nothing had gone into their mouth!

“HAHAHA” laughs could be heard from behind, followed by a taunt-y “SO SORRYYYY”

“It’s those guys from the lane over” Rohan observed, “looks like they were playing cricket and the ball came here”

“Hey that could’ve hit us!” Sid shouted back

“So?” the other boys responded irritated.

“So…I could hit better with my eyes shut” Anshu cried out uncharacteristically

“So how come you guys are fishing and playing with boats like kids…play cricket instead of complaining!” the voice answered back.

“Any place, anytime”, Rohan suddenly piped up, caught in the grip of the moment.

“…err…except today…as I have to go home…”, he added a moment later as sanity crept in sneakily.

“Hahahaha…”, the laugh chorus was deafening. Even Anand had to control his amusement at this statement.

“How about tomorrow? The usual ground…six players each!”, the other boys called back

“Challenge accepted!” Rohan said with some sense of redemption after his recent gaffe

It was on.

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